5 Tricks to Get Rid of Bed-bugs For Good

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5 Tricks to Get Rid of Bed-bugs For Good
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Besides suffering a major heartbreak, a bedbug bite is another painful thing that can certainly give you sleepless nights for days.

These tiny creatures can sadly turn your home from a comfortable haven into a place of misery, in return, causing you emotional distress.

They’re not only an irritating bunch of pests but can also embarrass you especially when you spread them to other people.

However, if you have a household infested with bedbugs, don’t let them rule you. Here are 5 simple home remedies you can employ to get rid of them for good, especially if you don’t have the money to spend on an exterminator;

Use a vacuum cleaner

This simple house tool can be your ticket towards having a peaceful night’s sleep without the nightmare of being bitten until you turn red.

With a strong vacuum cleaner with a powerful horse attachment in your hand, you’re able to suck these little creatures up.

Therefore, don’t shy away from vacuuming your mattress, beddings, sofas, carpets for at least 3 to 5 days in a row to keep them away for good.

And since you don’t want to take any risks, every time you’re done vacuuming, ensure you get rid of the vacuum bag outside, far away from your house, just to be safe.

For places and corners that a vacuum can’t reach, try using a steam cleaner. The high temperatures will suffocate the bedbugs, hence killing them

Use alcohol

Someone spraying a liquid through a spray bottle.

Spraying or rubbing alcohol on furniture or bedding is a tactic that can kill them for good.

According to science, alcohol is a drying agent, and as such, it can repel bedbugs by drying their eggs and also halts their movement by preventing them from crawling.

Just put alcohol in a spray bottle and spray it in notorious spots where you’ve spotted bedbugs and boom! You’ll notice them disappear within no time.

So, when you go to have one for the road at your favorite local, remember to take away one bottle if you have bed-bug issues at home.

However, since alcohol is highly flammable, be extra careful not to start a fire in your house.

Baking powder

If you’re looking for an inexpensive way of getting rid of these annoying creatures, baking powder is your go-to product.

Not only is it a handy product when it comes to baking but also when it comes to pest control.

Baking powder has the power of dehydrating bedbugs, causing them to die.

All you need to do is sprinkle the powder around key notorious areas that bedbugs typically dwell, such as the mattress, sofas, and around the bed. For effective results, vacuum the place and reapply every few days.

A Blow drier


Before you get into your bed, pass the blow dryer over and through your bed. The heat can kill the bed-bu

gs guaranteeing you a peaceful sleep.

This method comes in handy if you’re lazy to try out the other remedies.


Vinegar is another organic home remedy product that can reduce bedbugs in your household.

Vinegar contains acetic acid that disrupts the bug’s nervous system causing it to die.

All you need to do is put some in a spraying bottle and spray it directly on bedbugs and their eggs. The more concentrated the vinegar, the more likely they’re to die.

This method may however not be effective if you have an infestation. You can use this as you look for a long-lasting solution

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