• July 17, 2021
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A Must Read For Parents: Failure In An Exam Is Not The End Of Life

A Must Read For Parents: Failure In An Exam Is Not The End Of Life

Please know that failure in an exam is not the same thing as you being a failure. You may not have done well in the exams, but that does not mean all paths in front of you are closed, or that you are a failure as a person, unless of course you decide…

The reality is life has a different set of exams and good class education is only an added advantage but not necessarily the only requirement in real life exams.

This particular article goes to the parents/ guardians that in life, there is always a second chance and countless chances to rise again and make things right, for God’s sake we all have failed at something at some point and you don’t have to crucify your daughter/son for not getting the grades/aggregates you wanted or expected from them or totally failing to get any thing from the exams.

Instead of scolding them, engage them and try to find out what could have been the challenges and why they failed or did not perform better than they did because in reality, no child wishes to sit the exams and fail them at the end of the day after putting in all sacrifices especially in this time of the pandemic.

As parents/ guardians need to learn to embrace whatever our children bring home from the exams they do especially In finals at different levels, for instance PLE, if your child has failed at this level, there is room for improvement in the sitting, as a parent, assure him/ her that she can do better the next time instead of asking him/her what they were doing while others were studying to excel.

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Yes we all want the best future for our children and considering the school fees that we invest in them and repeating classes sounds like a whole financial burden but we have to encourage them to work hard for the better.

You can fall countless times but you can rise again until the journey is complete, that’s the spirit we need to instil in our children because the life journey is not straight one may have to repeat the same process but with a different strategy to achieve great success.

In facebook post entrepreneur and tourism enthusiast Amos Wekesa wrote;

Okay guys, I got 12 aggregates in my Primary Leaving exams many years ago. I had the potential to do even better basing on my class performance throughout primary.

That was the last time I got a first grade and only got worse as I advanced in school and infact got 6 points in my A-levels. Okay no one asks me for my qualifications today. Am not saying am proud of class underperformance.

Yes once in a while after a talk and out of curiosity someone will ask what I studied in University and yes am paid upto usd 1500 for an hours talk( side hustle). Some pay less. And they will be surprised when say I didn’t go to a university.

If your child didn’t get 4 points, it’s not the end of the road and you can give me as an example, except also tell them they need to find their passion. They need to skill themselves in their passion. As they pursue their skills, encourage to do general reading.

In the past few years, I read about 2 hours daily on different subjects including tourism and i put in practice things I find important during the reading. Knowledge is actually everywhere and it’s useless not to apply part of what you read.


Resilience is all about being able to bounce back in the face of adversity. And in the current scenario resilience is probably going to be the game-changer between those who navigate these turbulent waters successfully and those who are not able to…

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