• February 2, 2021
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Barbie Kyagulanyi Jets Out Of Uganda Ahead Of ‘Planned Riots’ On Wednesday

Barbie  Kyagulanyi Jets Out Of Uganda Ahead Of ‘Planned Riots’ On Wednesday
Ghetto First Lady Barbie Kyagulanyi has sneaked out finally sneaked out of the country to join the kids in the States. Social media is already awash with pics Barbie at the Airport.
Clad in black with her head covered in a cape and face buried in the face mask, very few could notice her.

Barbie boarded Qatar Airways at Entebbe International Airport enroute to Doha from where she was expected to connect to America.

The development comes almost a month after the Kyagulanyis sent their children to live with Barbie’s sister at a military base in Texas, U.S.

Bobi’s decision to fly his family out of the country attracted mixed reactions with critics saying he was quick to get his loved ones out of harm’s way while calling for protests which would put his youthful followers in danger.

However, Bobi Wine said he made the decision after he got credible information that his children were in grave danger.

“You remember during the Togikwatako (Presidential Age Limit) debate, a bomb was thrown into the room of my son. They wanted to kill him,” said Bobi in a statement in January.

Bobi said he received intelligence that the state planned to abduct his family members and use them as a bargaining chip to get him to give up on the presidential race.

He also claimed, without providing evidence, that some unknown people were trailing his children for weeks.

At Entebbe Airport, Barbie was clad in a black jumper and covered her face with a cap and mask.

Bobi’s lawyers yesterday filed a petition before the Supreme Court, challenging the outcome of the January 14 presidential election.

However, Bobi recently called for protests, saying the election was rigged in favour of the incumbent.

“I heard the Police the other day, asking me to tell my people not to protest; but this is not up to me. The Ugandans know that it is their right to protest injustice,” said Bobi.

“I therefore call upon the people of Ugandans to come out and protest as long as they are using peaceful means and don’t cause bloodshed. They are not committing any crime,” he added.

However, the deputy inspector general of Police, Maj Gen Paul Loketch yesterday said security was aware of individuals and political groups that are promoting panic and fear, using malicious video footages and audios, to purposely intimidate and prevent them from going about their normal businesses or reporting for work from February 3-7, 2021.

“The audios and videos talk about people staying in their homes, stocking food and threatening all persons who will defy their alleged stay at home orders. The authors who are allegedly aligned to some opposition groups indicate how the protests will transition into a mass uprising including the use of external forces to attack government,” he noted

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