• August 28, 2020
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Besigye Mobilizes Fighters To Enforce Plan B

Besigye Mobilizes Fighters To Enforce Plan B

The four time presidential candidate, Rtd. Col. Dr. Kizza Besigye has this morning addressed a presser at his Katonga road based offices where he detailed what is enshrined in the plan B of the liberation struggle. As a former candidate, Besigye says people are powerless and the ballot cannot grant them the change they beseech. “In my elections you saw me tell off People that I’m not here for their vote because they don’t have it,” Besigye says.

The former FDC President earlier this month announced he would not be seeking another re-election but emotionally emphasised that he would settle for plan B of the struggle. In the morning presser, Besigye said Ugandans are obliged to take part in the struggle regardless of their political denominations if they are to enjoy their constitutional liberties. “Our power was forcefully grabbed by gunmen. We must unite and ask for our power back,” Besigye said. “Plan B is for all the oppressed. If you’re not in that category, then plan B is not for you,” he added. He urges the people to rise and take action of any sort. “Do what you can, we shall be behind you. Don’t blame the leaders of the struggle when you don’t want to be involved,”

The FDC strongman pledges to lead the plan B action plan where he urges all Ugandans to transit into fighters instead of lamenting all the time. “To reclaim our power, we must fight. Plan B is all about fighting. It is God’s plan,” he says. “It is a plan for freedom. No Ugandan should be left out,” Besigye further

His action plan is to be coordinated by The People’s Government which he says will support Ugandans of all classes. “There will be someone to coordinate each group; students, land lords, Boda Boda riders and all groups of Ugandans,” Besigye says. “Misery will not be reversed if we do not create awareness. Our people must be sensitised and made to be part of the struggle,” he adds. He however says that this will only be realised if the United Forces of Change stick to the core plan and do away with the bickering and internal wrangles. “Our demarcation is clear, you are either for the oppressed or the oppressor. If you fight an ally of the struggle, you’re equally the enemy,” he emphasised.

On the issue of FDC fronting a presidential candidate in the coming elections, Dr. Besigye says the elections are just a conduit of recruiting fighters. “You’ve interrogated me about why the FDC is fronting a presidential candidate. This is one of reaching out to the people,” he says. “A candidate in an election will be granted some privileges of reaching out to the people which I as Besigye may not have since I’m not a candidate anymore,” he reveals.

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