Big Story: How Bobi Wine’s NUP Planted ‘Spies’ In NRM Primaries To Frustrate& Defeat Bigwigs

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We Are Not In A Laboratory Of Tadpoles & Cockroaches But In Mature Politics- Museveni Sting Bobi Wine
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The ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) has lost many experienced leaders most pro Museveni incumbent members of parliament and ministers in the party primaries according to the results.

Basing on the results, it has been found out that National Unity Platform (NUP) president Kyagulanyi Robert Ssentamu a.k.a Bobi Wine planted his structure supporters in NRM to defeat NRM ‘big wigs’ as to pave way for weaker candidates against strong NUP candidates in the general elections.

In Rakai district NUP chairperson Ssango Eriab according to sources from Kooki, its reported that he mobilised People Power supporters to register with NRM to defeat president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni’s grand daughter Kinyamatama Ssubi,who is the incumbent Woman MP and ‘Yes Men’ MPs Amos Mandela who is the are MP for Buyamba county and Kasirabo MP for Kooki county all were defeated.

In Bunyangabo district People Power coordinator Kisembo Joram mobilised supporters of People Power to register with NRM and those voted out incumbent MP for Bunyangabo county Adolf Mwesigye who is also the minister of Defense and Veteran Affairs.

In Kamoga parish in Bunyangabo over 300 People Power members were registered in NRM registers and they voted on Friday.

In Kibiito town, over 1,200 Power Power supporters were successfully registered in NRM yellow books.

In Kisomoro, about 950 People Power supporters registered in NRM village yellow books among others areas.

It became to difficult for Minister Adolf Mwesigye to win the NRM party primaries in Bunyangabo county.

According to intimate sources, its also revealed that NUP’s iron lady Sauda Mdaada also known as Dahsau, was financed by Bobi Wine’s diaspora team to mobilize northern Uganda region was part of the scheme.

In Koboko Sauda Mdaada mobilised People Power supporters to register with NRM.

Over 2,000 Bobi Wine supporters successfully hoodwinked NRM and were registered in yellow books as voters.

These voted Dr Richard Ayume against minister Evelyn Anite who fought hard to help president Museveni amend Article 102(b) giving him a clearance to rule for life.

Among the NRM big shots defeated with the help of Bobi Wine supporters planted in NRM include;

MP Koboko municipality Evelyn Anite who is also the state minister for Privatisation.

Bunyangabo MP Adolf Mwesigye also the minister of Defense and Veteran Affairs

Sheema municipality legislator Elioda Tumwesigye minister of Science and Technology.

Chua East Constituency MP Henry Okello Oryem and also state minister for Foreign Affairs.

Rushenyi county MP Mwesigwa Rukutana also state minister for Labour.

Igara West MP Ephraim Kamuntu who doubles as the minister for Justice and Constructional Affairs.

Ibanda South MP John Byabagambi also minister of Karamoja Affairs.

Bushenyi woman MP Mary Karooro Okurut, also minister of General Duties.

Igala East MP Tasis Kabwegyere

Kozo Woman MP Molly Kamukama state minister for Economic Monitoring in the office of the president.

Fr Simon Lukodo minister of Ethics and Integrity.

Budhendera County Christopher Kibanga state minister of Agricultural.

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