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Boss, don’t allow your woman to fake an orgasm: here is how to give her a real one the easy way

Boss, don’t allow your woman to fake an orgasm: here is how to give her a real one the easy way

My brother, every woman deserves an orgasm and the moment she decides to open her wonderland for you just do your best to give her that ‘woow’ moment, an orgasm takes a few seconds but it means the world to the woman who gets it whenever she needs it.

We all know sex is therapy but good sex with an incredible orgasm does more than just therapy.

My brother, forget about the fake orgasms you get from those women who just want to make you feel better as man and take note of the most noticeable sign that is a very intense, that pleasurable feeling on your woman’s body.

everyone’s body has its own tell-tale signs that imply whether she is actually climaxing or not.

It is a different experience for every woman, and here are a few pointers that will help you know if you have made her achieve the big-O.

Every woman’s body has some involuntary responses at this time and some general signals include pelvic lifting or thrusting, increased heartbeat, twitching of muscles, curling of the toes or fingers, and moaning, shaking of legs and some women get goosebumps.

Unlike men, women can orgasm multiple times in a single session. In fact, according to research, women can climax up to 20 times in a row. Now, how the hell can you fail to give her two or three whenever you decide to lay her?

 My brother It’s not as hard as you might imagine, make things easier, and here are a few basic guidelines that will help you please that wet wonderland.

The thing is, unlike men, women and their emotional beings require a lot more ‘play time’ to get their engines roaring. It’s not just about starting slow or taking things easy, in order to produce enough lubrication required for that big O she needs.

Emotional intimacy and closeness with your bae, which is cemented during foreplay, is the best way to set the mood for a long and fruitful session.

 While each woman is different, there are a few basics that work for most but in general, avoid rushing things and you should do just fine.

You might be a hands-on kind of guy, but talking dirty is a great way to get your lady listening because women respond differently to written and spoken words than men.

 If you describe how you would like to touch her, with what intensity and in which direction, you’ll engage her mind before her body, which is exactly what you aim to do. She’ll be visualizing it eagerly and be ready before you know it, the beauty is in the details and as for touching her, avoid the obvious privates, instead, try her erogenous zones mouth, neck, wrists, inner thighs and back those places do wonders.

My brother, you don’t always have to get into the driver’s seat only when you reach the bedroom.

The thing about public display of affection is that it could be respectful, playful and deeply intimate without being overtly offensive considering our African settings but the world has totally changed over time.

 A playful tap on her bottom or a passionate kiss at the bar sets up the mood for what is to come when you two get in the ring, and this gets her wildly interested much before your bed marathons.

The magic lies in your hands, while each woman may have her own special responses and preferences there are some moves that work for everyone. Once you’ve set the mood and you’re both in a comfortable state of undress, use your fingers to pleasure her privates in gentle, smooth moves.

 Nothing too brash or aggressive. Kissing, suckling, pecking and gently nibbling are all acceptable, all you need is to keep a tab on her responses and make your moves accordingly.

Softly touching and caressing her clitoris should get the lubrication process started. Feel free to give her oral pleasure as well if she is ok with it and remember the big O doesn’t necessarily need penetration,

Take it easy and soon enough her body language will tell you she’s ready, the parted legs, arching back, deep kisses and you can be sure that you will receive ‘dead giveaways’.

 This should be your cue. But do remember, like each woman is different her responses to your moves will vary, some might work with greater success than others.

 The idea is to seduce her into the game instead of pouncing on with action, you needn’t try all these together, two or three will work wonders too and you just have to master what works better for her.

All it takes is a little dedicated attention, so give her that big O

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