• August 31, 2021
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Cafe Javas former employee spills secrets on milkshake with dead rat saga

Cafe Javas former employee spills secrets on milkshake with dead rat saga

A former employee of the Cafe Javas has said the ongoing story of Cafe Javas was sabotage from within. He says as a former chef at Cafe Javas, he faced a lot of these issues during his stay at Javas.

According to him, if there is any truth to this story, then employees should be the ones to answer. He revealed that there is a lot of dirty work among employees against each other at Javas.

Restaurant chain Cafe Javas was on spot after a viral video purporting to show that one of its Kampala branches served a customer with a milkshake that contained a dead rat.

In the video, the female customer is heard complaining and wondering how a classy eatery of Javas standard would serve her a milkshake containing a dead rat.

“This a rat I found in my milkshake from Café Javas, yeah the people we feel so proud of…and they tell me to have this worked upon, I need to get a lawyer.” the customer said.

The customer posted the video of the alleged discovery she claimed was disgusting. The video went gone viral on social media sparking a debate on whether it was faked or real.

However according to one of their former employee, while in an interview with Kasuku. He actually disclosed a lot of things regarding his employment at Javas. He said much as Javas is in Uganda, Ugandans in high positions are almost not there at all.

Apparently, it’s the Indians in the lead while Ugandans and Somalis take the least of positions. Due to this, there is a lot of sabotage among employees to earn favor in their bosses’ eyes.

If this is true, then the ministry of labour is not doing their work well. For a company that is in Uganda, and no Ugandan is in a high position.

Every country has laws that govern how businesses from foreigners ought to run in their country. Part of them is to secure good jobs for their citizens in the companies.

However, in a statement released last Friday, the management of Cafe Javas dismissed the claims it termed ‘malicious’ and aimed at tarnishing its image.

According to the restaurant, the Oreo and Caramel milkshakes served to the customer met its ‘high’ standard protocols of food safety and hygiene and therefore denied the possibility of adulteration.

Javas instead accuses the customer of trying to blackmail the restaurant with the intent of making money out of the situation.

“A quick investigation including a review of our CCTV footage of the preparation and service of the milkshake confirmed that there was no adulteration of the milkshake.

The customer was duly informed of the findings to which by threatening to circulate a video of her version of events if she was not paid a certain sum of money” reads in part Javas’ statement.

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