• April 27, 2021
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Does Length Of Time Matter In Relationships? Here Are The Answers You Are Looking For

Does Length Of Time Matter In Relationships? Here Are The Answers You Are Looking For

Most times when a couple is spotted together by friends or on certain interviews or even by parents, one of the first things people ask about a relationship is: “How long have you been together????

Many people attach time to relationships but in the actual sense time may not matter at all, a guy can date a girl for years and the world thinks you are meant to be together for life, and then boom, you meet another girl or guy of your dreams and you feel like you can’t wait even for one day to marry him/her.

so, in my personal opinion, I have come to the conclusion that the length of a relationship does not matter at all, you can date for 10 years but later meet the woman/ man of your dreams and move in with them or walk down the aisle in three months and its ok.

Just because you only dated someone for a short period of time does not make your relationship less meaningful or your breakup any less painful.

Maybe you are the type of girl /guy who gives out the whole heart quickly and does not hold back. You fly into a relationship headstrong and because of that real feelings develop really quickly and it feels impossible to let go, it is still ok because it’s not your fault for having those feelings.

You might be the person who says “I love you” after two weeks of dating and that is ok! No one knows the feelings inside your heart except for you. And God knows we all need to do a little more of saying exactly how we feel when we feel it.

You shouldn’t feel shame because you are willing to love, without holding back, so quickly. You should be proud of yourself for being one of the few who is not afraid to wear your heart on your sleeve.

Or maybe you are the girl/guy who never gives the heart away, the one who has been shattered so many times that you don’t think you will ever trust again but you find yourself falling in love again because someone has erased those doubts from your heart.

You trust a guy/girl and for the first time you think it’s something real and then three months later it’s gone. You are mad at yourself for letting him/her and even more mad that you are so upset over something that only lasted three months.

When you are broken down, lying on your bed, trying to figure out how it all went wrong you should not be telling yourself “Hey we only dated three months girl, get over this guy already!???

Yes, you should get over any boy who is dumb enough to let you go, but you also are allowed to take a beat and wallow. You are allowed to feel the loss of someone you thought would be with you longer, someone you began to trust and depend on.

Demoting the meaning of your relationship based on the length of it isn’t fair to you. The timetable of your relationship does not take into account the very real feelings that were there.

You deserve to mourn a relationship and no one should take that away from you because it doesn’t fit their views of how long a relationship should last.

The length might matter when it comes to jeans, eyelashes, and tv screens but when it comes to relationships: Length. Does. Not. Matter!

Till next time!

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