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Evidence: ‘You Infected Several Girls With HIV’ Pastor Senyonga Spills Yiga’s Dirty Secrets

Evidence: ‘You Infected Several Girls With HIV’ Pastor Senyonga Spills Yiga’s  Dirty Secrets

Pastor Jackson Senyonga of Christian Life Church in Bwaise has said Pastor Augustine Yiga was a false prophet who often took advantage of female Christians at his church.
Addressing a press conference shortly after Yiga’s death on Tuesday, 27 October 2020, Pastor Senyonga also presented CDs saying the acts of the deceased are all recorded there.


Pastor Yiga lived a sinful life, misleading his followers and has died of HIV/AIDS. Pastor Jackson Ssenyonga said. The Christian Life Church Bwaise, Lead Pastor Jackson Ssenyonga has no kind words for his deceased fellow Pastor Augustine Yiga of Revival Church, Kawaala.


Pastor Ssenyonga also accused Pastor Yiga of infecting some of his followers with HIV/Aids.
“It’s on record that Mr Yiga had HIV. We have evidence from health facilities and the test was done under law,” Ssenyonga told journalists in a press he called at his home this morning.


“Pastor Yiga has been faking miracles, he has infected many with HIV and I promise to help his victims, God willing” – Pastor Jackson Senyonga.

'You Infected Several Girls With HIV' Pastor Senyonga Spills Yiga's Dirty Secrets

The two pastors have for long been rivals and engaged in a war of words. Yiga once claimed that Senyonga pays people to go to his church to pretend to be mad and then after, he pins the drama of false miracles on him.


In 2018, Pastor Senyonga sued Yiga, accusing him of calling him a child molester, rapist, con man and devil worshiper.


Senyonga cited a clip from Yiga’s televised sermon on 28th August 2017 in which the latter also described him as a criminal.


According to documents before court, Yiga allegedly said in the sermon: “The late Bbalabekubo was the owner of the church land and is the one who bought it, and the old fellow came in after and does not know the price of the land. You have been imprisoned from overseas because of defilement and moreover on a plane” Senyonga added.

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Following the death of Pastor Augustine Yiga of Revival church, Jackson Ssenyonga the lead pastor at Christian Life Ministries is offering to take care of children whose mothers claim were fathered by the fallen man of God. He is also extending support in form of counseling and training of Church leaders in order for them to continue with the late pastor’s mission work.

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