November 27, 2020


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Exclusive: Dirty Secrets On How Bobi Wine’s Son Kampala Survived Being Killed By Unruly NUP Supporters

Exclusive: Dirty Secrets On How Bobi Wine's Son Kampala Survived Being Killed By Unruly NUP Supporters

Exclusive: Dirty Secrets On How Bobi Wine's Son Kampala Survived Being Killed By Unruly NUP Supporters

Some family members of National Unity Platform (NUP) Party supreme leader Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine in danger over the way party flag bearers were selected.

It all started on Monday when a group of angry NUP supporters stormed the party headquarters in Kamwokya-Kampala accusing some members of Bobi Wine’s family of influencing the selection of the party flag bearers.

Among the people implicated was Fred Nyanzi Ssentamu, Bobi Wine’s elder brother who is accused of influencing the vetting committee chaired by Mercy Walukamba to choose his friends, relatives of his wife and those who gave him money.

The situation at Kamwokya got out of hand and top leaders led by Louis Rubongoya, the party Secretary General, Joel Ssenyonyi the Spokesperson, Sulaiman Kidandala, the head of mobilization, Mercy Walukamba,Aisha Kabanda, deputy secretary general went into hiding.

In the heat of the chaos, the Principal’s son Solomon Kampala Ssentamu survived being thumped by some NUP supporters, Kampala, who is always at the NUP headquarters was trying to intervene and stop some angry supporters from asking for Nyanzi’s head.

The bitter supporters told him, “Kampala don’t tell us anything, we only listen to Kibanda (Bobi Wine), he is the only person we respect, not people like you even if you are his son or wife or brother.

We will die with anyone who tries to stand in the way of our struggle.”
Immediately a group of rioters surrounded Kampala but Mutwe’s Kanyamas’ quickly surrounded him and escorted him out of the NUP headquarters.

That evening, Kyagulanyi held a crisis meeting
at his home in Magere where top leaders were
Credible sources who attended the meeting told this website that the Principle was very angry and blasted Walukamba for letting him down.

Bobi Wine wondered why Walukamba and her team followed Nyanzi’s orders and influence when selecting the party’s flag bearers. Principle was angry, he castigated Walukamba and her team for failing to handle a simple assignment of flag bearers because of greed from some people adding that he has a lot of things to do including the increasing court cases he is battling with,” a Source revealed.

The angry pop star turned politician asked for the list of those who were announced winners and promised to sit with other party leaders to Scrutinize it again.

On Wednesday morning, Nyanzi told journalists at his offices in Kamwokya that his life is in danger after receiving a lot of death threats from NUP members.

“Since I joined the struggle, I have gathered a lot of information and recorded some of the threats which I will give to my people if l’m killed,” Nyanzi said.

He also revealed that once he unleashes some of
the secrets he has, it will be the death of NUP and warned party members to handle him with care.

Nyanzi said that he has sacrificed a lot including his life and property to support Bobi Wine so he cannot allow a section of supporters to attack him.

On the issue of receiving bribes and influencing the vetting committee, Nyanzi refuted the allegations and tasked his accusers to table evidence of him receiving bribes.

That’s what I told Honorable Kyagulanyi, let those accusing me of soliciting bribes bring evidence. I know there are people out there who are using my name to get money from NUP members, please help me and arrest those people and bring them to me,” Nyanzi said.

He boasted that he is a rich man who cannot solicit for money from poor NUP supporters because if he wants money, he knows where to get it from.

He further warned party supporters especially those on social media who are being diverted by their enemies to stop spreading harmful political propaganda because it will weaken or kill the party.

Senior presidential adviser on media, Joseph Tamale Mirundi this week revealed that there is a secret move being planned by some disgruntled NUP members to rally all dissatisfied members and form another political party.

“Some MPs who defected are not happy with what is going on in NUP and I’m predicting from here that immediately after winning their political seats, they are going to form another political party,” Mirundi said.

He sdded that senior politicians are not happy with the way Bobi Wine’s family is running affairs at the Kamwokya based party blaming them of being money minded and not having the struggle at heart.

He also accused Nyanzi who he branded the richest man in NUP of soliciting for bribes from the party aspirants.

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