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Exposed: Cafe Javas Customer’s Humorous, Honest Review Leaves Netizens Murmuring 

Exposed: Cafe Javas Customer’s Humorous, Honest Review Leaves Netizens Murmuring 

People have different opinions, tastes and preferences when it come to things they love especially food and drinks, ranging from where to eat or drink from, who serves the food and how its served, well today we bring you story of a customer to one of the most prestigious hangouts, Cafe Javas.
A Cafe Javas customer’s honest and humorous review has got many netizens in the Ugandan ‘My Food Network’ Facebook group screaming their lungs out.
The client known by his Facebook names Eninu William Sr starts off by poking fun at the country’s vice president. He says Café Javas is more popular in tabloids that the VP, he then continues with his craft, something that either gets you laughing or wanting to squeeze his neck.

Cafe Javas Customer’s Humorous, Honest Review Leaves Netizens Murmuring 

Café Javas or rather CJs;
This is a restaurant that has had more column articles written about it than the Vice President of this land. Unfortunately the result of all the hype is very high expectations with a fair amount of skepticism thrown in for good measure.
The menu is impressive and the portions surprisingly ample. But for the vegetarians amongst us, there is very little to choose from. The prices are what you would expect from a restaurant that seems to revel in its reputation for being exclusive and wishes to remain so.
If your sole purpose of choosing this restaurant is for a romantic dinner, then this is not the place for you. Too bright, too flashy and far too many waiters in tight-fitting garments. It’s all rather impersonal and the plastic bucket chairs can’t be pushed close enough together for a sneaky touchy-feely under the table.
This is probably where you would take your “Kololo-status” in-laws to impress. Another thing, if you happen to sit next to the door, be in the know that it’s always open to allow access. Which means the restaurant is bloody cold! Especially on rainy days such as this.
So, ladies and gentlemen, this restaurant has good food, great coffee, thick juice and their pastries can impress even the most wicked sceptic. But I must warn you though, their price list reads:- “Get-the-hell-outta-here-if-you-have-less-than-50k-for-good-lunch”.
Spoiler; Their food only tastes nice in your mouth for 2 minutes, after that, it becomes old real fast.
Well, this client surely knows what he wants, you either agree with him or you don’t. Many people in the comments  didn’t agree though which leaves us with just a few words to conclude with; Comprehension is still a big issue among many netizens.

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