• June 12, 2021
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Getting Pregnant Will Not Force A Man To Commit To You

Getting Pregnant Will Not Force A Man To Commit To You

We all know a woman or two stuck with a human being because she thought the only way to keep a man was to show up with a pregnancy test showing two lines.

You meet a man, and you mark him as the man you want to spend the rest of your life with. You try every small thing. You do wife duties as a girlfriend, but he is just not ready to commit.

Some men are not just ready to commit. Others are never going to commit to just one woman. Just like some women reach a certain age and realize that marriage isn’t for them.

So if someone outright tells you that they are not ready to commit or that they are not the committing type, do not try by all means to make sure that they do.

There is no way you tell off your friends on a Friday just to go and do laundry at a man’s home. You get there on Friday, soak his clothes so that the next day you wash them, and he can’t even invite his friend over to meet you.

You then become so desperate, and you start the cooking sessions, introducing him to one family member at a time. He looks through all this rubbish and is not moved.

The next thing you do is convince him to get rid of the rubber because you feel close enough to give him your all.

This man will tell you that he is still working on him and not ready for a child.

But then again, the sweetness that comes with live sex is extraordinary. He thinks about feeling those walls, the wet warm place that feels like heaven.

He asks if you are on family planning and because you have evil plans, you tell him you are good with your safe days.

He then trusts you in that moment and starts hitting it from all corners. It feels amazing, and he is never going back to rubber. A few weeks later, you pop up with your pregnancy test kit showing two lines. Are you crazy?

This man explained to you that he wasn’t ready. And you decided you will help him get ready. Soon after, he will stop picking your calls and move from that place that you knew as his home.

You think Uganda is a small place? Wait until you are stuck with pregnancy. Then, Uganda will feel like a whole other continent.

But you are crazy. You hang in there and give birth. In your mind, after he sees how that baby looks like him, he will come back.

FACT: That baby will not make him commit to a manipulating, insensitive, and crazy human being. And he is absolutely right.

Stop getting pregnant to keep him. It might work for a few months, even years, but won’t make him take you to the alter. He will find a good woman and go with her.

And then you will be stuck with that baby. And your mother will have to put her life on hold to take care of your child as you hustle the streets. That is unfair.

Till next time, if you opt for live sex, make sure you can take care of a child by yourself.

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