• August 7, 2021
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Giving Back To Community: Rajiv Ruperalia Donates Over 2000 Mattresses To Their Staff As Covid-19 Relief

Giving Back To Community: Rajiv Ruperalia Donates Over 2000 Mattresses To Their Staff As Covid-19 Relief

Rosebud Ltd the country’s largest exporter of roses has donated over 2000 mattresses to members of the 10 community villages employed by Rosebud who were massively affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The huge donation was handed over by Rajiv Ruparelia on behalf of the entire board of directors of the company yesterday at the donation ceremony to their staff.

”Very proud day, especially seeing smiles on the faces of members of the 10 community villages employed by Rosebud receiving 2000 mattresses. The effects of the pandemic have been huge & we are here to support no matter what,” Rajiv wrote on Twitter.

“We now have international certification which means Uganda now exports quality flowers to all major markets. We have also attained fair trade standards which means we sell at good value which benefits the country and our workforce, Rajiv Ruparelia added.

This, he said, calls for the expansion of the business and in the long run, it will increase revenue for the country and create more jobs.

“The market abroad is very big. Even if we increase the acreage of our farms, we will not satisfy the entire market. This means we need to increase productivity using good farm practices that we have used for many years. If you work hard we shall all benefit as a family,” he said.

Rajiv called for unity and hard work emphasizing the need to amicably address any disagreements that may arise.

“We are a family and trust me your interest is our interest. We are all in this together to ensure your livelihoods are improved. That you can take your children to school and have a good life. So let’s work hard together to achieve together,” he said.

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Rosebud Limited, the largest exporter of Sweetheart cut, is a flagship company of Ruparelia Group of companies owned and managed by Dr. Sudhir Ruparelia. The farm has steel structures and a 100% Hydroponics system supported by a fully automatic centralized irrigation system.The farm produces approximately 40% of total Ugandan flower exports. Rosebud Limited is in the process of expanding up to 65 hectares of green houses for the targeted export of 15 million stems per month by 2014.  

Based in Entebbe, Uganda, Rosebud Ltd is the country’s largest exporter of roses, commanding around 40% of Uganda’s raised export market. The greenhouses on the farm cover a total of 50 hectares producing and exporting over 12 million stems per month. These stems, due to the favorable weather conditions experienced throughout the year, result in their all being of the same high standard. Rosebud Ltd solely specializes in the production of quality cut roses for export onto the world market.

The greenhouses are irrigated by a modern, automated water-pumping unit, which feeds our fully computerized hydroponics systems. The following two categories of roses are produced: Sweetheart Roses; Valentino (dark red), Viva (bright yellow), Chelsea (orange), Red Calypso (bright red), Meera (champagne), Akito (white), Blushing Akito (pink), Raspberry King (dark red), Jambo (bright red) and Intermediate Roses; Ace Pink (pink), Bella Rose (pink), Sunny Star (yellow), Furiosa (dark red), Tropical Amazone (orange), Banjo (pink), Labelle (peach), Sorraya (yellow), Athena (white).

According to Rosebud, they are constantly building the capacity of staff in order to reduce damages caused to roses and minimize wastage and rejections. 

”We have improved our processes in propagation, growing, harvesting, grading, and packaging and export of cut roses. The farm recently upgraded its fully automated irrigation system. It has a 100% Integrated Pest Management and 100% hydroponics system in metal greenhouses with fully recycling technology”. one of the staff noted

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