• July 7, 2021
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Google Bans 9 Popular Android Apps, Why You Need To Delete Them From Your Phone

Google Bans 9 Popular Android Apps, Why You Need To Delete Them From Your Phone

Google has just blocked another 9 malicious apps that were found lurking in the Play Store, but not before millions had downloaded them. It’s now vital all users make sure they don’t have them on their devices as they could be putting passwords at risk.

Android users need to be on high alert as Google has removed nine hugely popular apps from its Play Store but they could still be hiding in plain sight on your smartphone. This latest batch of applications were found trying to gain access to Facebook user names and passwords via hidden malicious code.

Hackers love getting their hands on these social media credentials as a vast amount of people often use the same email address and password for multiple accounts, leaving them open to large-scale attacks.

This latest threat was clever as, once the fully functional apps were installed from the Play Store, unsuspecting users were offered the chance to stop annoying adverts from popping up by simply logging into their Facebook accounts.

If users agreed and clicked the log-in button, they saw the standard social network login form. However, some nasty software hidden in the background was then able to steal the credentials as they were being entered.

The issue was spotted by the team from Dr. Web who says the malware was spread as “harmless” software and installed more than 5,856,010 times.

Upon Doctor Web’s specialists’ report to Google, part of these malicious applications were removed by the US firm. Sadly, that doesn’t mean anyone who downloaded them are now safe as these will stay on devices until they are manually deleted.

Here is a full list of the applications users need to remove without delay.

• PIP Photo – Over 5.8 million downloads

• Processing Photo – Over 500,000 downloads

• Rubbish Cleaner – Over 100,000 downloads

• Inwell Fitness – Over 100,000 downloads

• Horoscope Daily – Over 100,000 downloads

• App Lock Keep – Over 50,000 downloads

• Lockit Master – Over 5,000 downloads

• Horoscope Pi – Over 1,000 downloads

• App Lock Manager – Over 10 downloads

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In a post on its blog page, Dr. Web said: “We recommend Android device owners install applications only from known and trusted developers, as well as to pay attention to other user reviews. The reviews cannot provide an absolute guarantee that the apps are harmless but can still alarm you about potential threats.

“You should also pay attention to when and which apps ask you to login into your account. If you are not sure that what you are doing is safe, it would be better for you not to proceed any further and uninstall the suspicious program.”

If you think you may have downloaded any of the apps mentioned in this latest report then you should change your Facebook password and any accounts that use the same login without delay.

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