• July 27, 2021
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Health Minister Aceng Defends PS Diana Atwine

Health Minister Aceng Defends PS Diana Atwine

Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng has condemned the act of using coffins in demonstrations to intimidate Health Ministry Permanent Secretary Dr Diana Atwine, saying such acts demoralize health workers.

Dr. Aceng, who is also the country’s Health Minister, said that the permanent secretary has on several occasions given accountability and she does not know what the demonstrators really want.

“I condemn acts of throwing coffins, demonstrating and abusing Dr. Atwine and health workers, we are all doing what it takes to control the pandemic and such acts demoralize our health workers,” Aceng said.

“If you want accountability, ask for it and we shall give it to you instead of resorting to such acts.”

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Dr. Aceng’s comments come just a day after yet to be identified individuals dumped of a coffin of a baby at Mulago Hospital with placards demanding the immediate resignation of Dr Atwine.

The demonstrators seem to accuse Dr Atwine of failing to offer accountability of the COVID-19 funds that were donated to the government to fight the pandemic.

Meanwhile, Kampala Metropolitan police spokesperson Luke Owoyesigire said that police has leads to who the suspects might be and they will be making arrests anytime soon to find out the motive.

Owoyesigire said, “We think they should find other ways of making issues heard and we have opened a general inquiry file.”

“These suspects are known and we are going to have them arrested anytime now to understand their motives.”

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