• October 21, 2021
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How I rescued my wife after using her as a bet

How I rescued my wife after using her as a bet

When you hear stories of people who do betting, some will make you wonder if they happen in reality but yes people do the impossible to place their bets and win lots of cash in return.

Ssekitolekko John a resident of Seeta Mukono district a security officer who had rent arrears since lock lockdown had no option but to make an agreement with his dear wife and mother of his two sons to agree to this drastic decision.

SSeki as commonly referred to by many of his friends in Seeta town noted that after placing several bets and winning some small money, he wanted to win big cash and rescue his piece of land whose title he had put as security to secure a loan that became very hard to service due to the Covid-19.

ugbettips betting tips today bet

According to Sseki, one of his close friends called Kasiita advised him to contact ugbettips.com a betting tips website where he can get analyzed betting tips that can guarantee him sure wins in order to get money and rescue his land.

 Having been assured by his friend about the returns, Sseki borrowed 150k and decided to try his luck and bet on two VIP games Manchester united Vs Aston villa (win for Man Utd), Chelsea Vs Manchester city (over 2.5).

To his biggest shock, Sseki lost the bet and swore before his forefathers that he will never bet again.

But as fate had it that Sseki would later gain lots of cash, his close friend Kasiita checked on him the following morning to console him after the loss and encourage him to place another bet for the upcoming games using betting tips from ugbettips.com

Sseki who was super depressed had nothing to even afford a meal for his family yelled at his friend sending him to hell for having driven him into a loss and a debt that he could not recover from at such a critical time.

‘’ You man I have nothing left not even a coin to buy my sons food, what can I use to bet now, do you want me to stake my wife, can’t you see my children even have no food’’ Sseki recalls telling his friend.

As a friend, Kasiita did not give up, he showed him (Sseki) the previous wins on tickets that he had won from the betting tips he got from Ugbettips .com who assured him that if he doesn’t win, he will keep on getting free tips and bonuses until he wins.

The betslip for the games SSeki bet on

Sseki was not sure about another source of money but he thought about his neighbor who owns a wholesale shop in Seeta town and had to think of something to convince him and get money from him.

To avoid any kind of suspicion, Sseki agreed with his wife and they stepped away with their young son before going to his neighbor who according to Sseki had been eyeing his wife for some good time but he had no choice because he needed the money.

Sseki later gathered himself and approached his neighbor and begged him to lend him 100k which he lied to him that one of his sons was sick and badly off.

‘’ I had to swallow my pride as a man, after all, they say a man can do anything for his family but I can’t believe that shameless man asked to sleep with my wife for two days and to make matters worse with a written agreement’’ Sseki said

‘’I accepted because I know my wife would never allow but, in my heart, I knew I would refund the money before the worst could happen though my wife had no idea, she was the stake of the day’’ Sseki narrated.

Sseki finally got the 100k and called his friend Kasiita to advise him on the new tricks he got from ugbettips.com which they got and he placed the bet and he won 6.360.000 million and changed his life and he couldn’t wait to tell his story for those who have lost hope after losing.

‘’These guys changed my life, now I no longer hustle, all I do is go to their website log into my account and get tips and wait for my money, though they are good and bad days, i have never been the same again, am planning to even start a SACCO with my friends who have benefited from betting so that we can do something very big and visible with the cash we get from betting’’. Sseki said

I recommend everyone struggling with betting to join ugbettips.com who have mastered the art of analyzing games’’ Sseki added.

If you are interested in joining the winning team visit their website ugbettips.com or WhatsApp 0726074343

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