• July 5, 2021
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How Museveni Sent Security, Funding For Covidex Developer Prof Ogwang

How Museveni Sent Security, Funding For Covidex Developer Prof Ogwang

Prof Patrick Ogwang, the maker of Covidex, local herbal treatment for CoviD-19 has revealed that the first person who cured using the mix was his American friend who had come to visit.

Ogwang made the revelation while appearing on a radio talk show on Sunday.

Ogwang said that he had invited one of his American professor friends to Mbarara University to help them on a project.

“He left everything and came to Mbarara University. So, one day he comes for the burial of my uncle and ongoing back he shared a car with someone who had Covid-19, he got it,” Ogwang said.

“He was badly off and admitted in Kampala. I asked that he be brought to Mbarara Hospital where he was put on oxygen. I felt personal guilt. I asked myself if he dies here what will I do? I knelt down and kept praying for that man,” Ogwang said.

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It is during the process that Ogwang dared to try his concoction, an anti-viral formula that would later turn into covidex.

“So, I told the professor to use this mix on top of his other medication. Three days later, he called me and said he was much better. On Saturday he was discharged and his lung that was deteriorating was okay finally.”

Ogwang says that the colleague of the American professor with whom they had shared a car on hearing the magical healing also requested for the concoction and within a few days he was recovered.

“He wanted seven bottles, I told him that was an overestimate. One needs at least 3 bottles to cure. He took and was negative in a few days,” Ogwang said.

Ogwang said, at about the same time, another friend of his asked for “something for covid”.

“I asked her to go to the lab and I instructed my colleagues at the lab to mix it for her. She took it to the patient and three days later, the patient was off oxygen. This is when I assembled my team and we started taking this seriously,” Prof Ogwang said.

He then wrote a proposal to the government for funding and validate the formula.

“The money came in April and we started working in June this year. We started collecting data and two weeks. At about this time, a cousin of mine in Namugongo called me, his family members were badly off with Covid-19. I sent them fifteen (15) bottles. The following day they sent me a message and they were out of danger,” he said.

With at least six people already treated, we started conclusion to apply to NDA.

One of the days, a message from a WhatsApp group leaked showing we have developed the drug; we got many calls from all over asking for the drug.

At about the same time, I got a call from NDA and I knew we were in trouble, they were going to close us down. I made a call to one of my friends expressing my disappointment that NDA was going to close us. He said no that will not happen.

Museveni calls

A day later, he got a call from a rare number with so many 8s.

“It was President Museveni, he is an intelligent man, very experienced, he asked me so many questions.”

“Most importantly, the President asked me how I know that Covidex works I gave him the history, he gave me so much time to explain, he listen to me throughout,” he said.

Ogwang said that the President asked for numbers of all those people Ogwang claims had cured of Covid-19 and he called them himself to establish the truth.

“He called all of them and asked them the same questions, he then said he would call me the next day at 10:00 am,” he said.

“The next day at exactly 10:00 am, the president called as promised. He asked me more questions regarding the science of medicine. How does it work? Etc. I shared with him all those details,” he added.

Ogwang said that after the long discussion with Museveni on phone, the president asked him what he wants to ensure his work is made easy.

“I told him I want security especially for the factory and for myself. I also told him I want the capacity to expand production. He told me he would connect me to Paul Loketch and Madam Nakyobe (Lucy) to handle the security and financing. He kept calling me every day to check on the progress,” Ogwang said.

Ogwang maintains that he tested positive for Covid-19 days’ later before meeting the president and his envoys. He informed them that he had got the virus and he was told “now use your medicine and cure yourself we see”.

“The president confirmed that I am not using any modern formula. Within four days of using my codex and vitamin C, I was great. I tested on day 10 and was negative,’ he said.

“The president called me on day 10 and was so happy, he asked me, did you use the other medicine of ours? I said yes sir. He was so excited. I was also very happy in my heart,” he added.

The president then confirmed and told Ogwang to move quickly and meet the relevant people to help him expand his production.

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