• August 6, 2020
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How My Maid Snatched My Husband Away, Leaving Me With 4 Kids!

How My Maid Snatched My Husband Away, Leaving Me With 4 Kids!

For a mother, who has just delivered a baby, she was just too sad and the nurses were curious when Jane cried when she saw it was a girl. Of course she knew her husband left the hospital in anger because he expected a boy and this was their fourth baby and it was another girl!

She felt like a failure because she had not given him a heir and their first-born Irene a 10 year old, was in her Primary Seven and her in-laws already sniggered at her though her husband did not complain, she could see that he was not happy.

She spent two days at the hospital and did not see her husband until she got home with the baby and this time he had packed her things into the guest room and said he didn’t want to be disturbed with the cry of her daughter as he hurled abuses and insults at her and the children while cursing the day he met her and kept asking why he married from her family.

She accepted fate and nursed her baby with the help of her maid Gloria whom She had brought from the village to help with house chores and attend to her shop. Gloria came in when she had her third daughter and she needed extra help around the house . Fortunately Gloria was available Gloria’s late mother was a very good friend of Jane before her death. Jane didn’t hesitate to enroll her in one of the secondary schools in Soroti because she was good with her children.

When her last child turned three years, Gloria was 19 and Jane realized that her children had started developing resentment towards Gloria and whenever she asked her first daughter the reason was that Gloria was becoming annoyingly secretive.

According to her daughter, she had come home from school unexpectedly and opened the bedroom door to see Gloria counting money with bundles on the floor and new underwear on the bed and she grabbed the items and shut the door in her face.

Jane became curious and probed her daughter more and found that Gloria has been sneaking into their fathers’ bedroom and that she saw her moving out of the room again


Jane was worried but she didn’t believe her husband could have an affair with her maid and could not contain and had to discuss it with the husband and Gloria had to be sent back to the village.

Her husband refused and he scolded his wife for talking that way the teenager was an orphan and they should help her through school and she accepted her husbands’ advice and brought her back.

Six months later, Gloria took ill – she was vomiting and was feverish. They rushed her to the hospital thinking she had malaria. After examining her, Gloria was discovered to be pregnant! Her skin was pale while her face and legs were swollen, she looked three months gone already. Jane chided herself for being too preoccupied not to have noticed her pregnant maid.

“This is an opportunity to send her home,” she told herself but again, her husband opposed the decision – Gloria must be taken care of since her parents were dead, he said. At that point Jane became angry with him and they quarreled to the extent that family members were invited.

Was she shocked when her husband later confessed to his elder brother that the pregnancy was his? As expected, the in-laws implored the distraught wife to accept Gloria as her husband’s second wife. She agreed.

Six months later, Gloria gave birth to a baby boy! Her husband was happy and threw a party. Her husband cannot get over the joy of having a male child. It has been hellish for Jane, who is thinking of packing out of her matrimonial home.

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