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Kampala International School Uganda (KISU) students are still celebrating the 100% pass rate in 2021 for the prestigious Bilingual Diploma exams. According to the statement...

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All the latest transfer news and rumours, surrounding the futures of Kylian Mbappe, Paul Pogba, Manuel Locatelli, Simy Nwankwo, James Ward-Prowse, Jarrod Bowen, Denzel Dumfries...

ben white to arsenal
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English premier league team Arsenal have confirmed the signing of England defender Ben White in a £50m transfer from Brighton. The 23-year-old defender, who has...

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President Museveni has relaxed on the lockdown the lockdown measures with boda bodas, arcades allowed to operate. According to reports, the president was advised to...

Tokyo Olympics 2020
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With 10 days remaining to the end of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, here are the highlights for the big stars and key events. Saturday, 31...

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The Commercial High Court land Division has Friday thrown out an appeal case in which the owner of Lumumba Avenue based Simbamannyo building and Afrique...

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Uganda’s celebrated long-distance runners Joshua Cheptegei and Jacob Kiplimo won Silver and Bronze respectively at the 2021 Olympics on Friday afternoon. Cheptegei who came into...

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Uganda National Examinations Board(UNEB) has said that a total of 18,415 candidates failed the 2020 UCE exams from the results were released on Friday afternoon....

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The Uganda National Examinations Board has Friday afternoon released the 2020 Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) results. The ceremony held at State House Nakasero is...

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The government has earmarked Shs 200 billion annually over the next five years to roll out the free Electricity Connection Policy (ECP), the minister in...

August 1, 2021

How To Improve Your Bedroom Skills And Give Your Partner Maximum Pleasure Effortlessly(R18)

This Is Unacceptable: Horny Men Cry Foul As Parliament Passes Tough Penalties For Sexual Offenders


I don’t know who needs to hear this but listen, sex drives are really great, but they’re not always reliable because the fact is that our sex drives fluctuate day today for different reasons, and obviously not every day is a Sunday.

Sometimes, we might have a higher than usual sex drive even though we’re not particularly interested in hooking up with anyone, and on the other hand, our sex drive might be super low, despite the fact that we definitely want to get laid somehow.

However, our sex drive might be unpredictable from time to time but it doesn’t mean we can’t be on the one wheels just to get a good time because in one way or the other, nature demands and there is nothing we can about it.

Here are simple ways to get horny even when your sex drive wants to take a backseat. So if you are out there thinking of how to give your girl or your man a good time but don’t know-how, you can employ these simple techniques to sync up our body and mind without making much of an effort and give someone a night or day of their life with an incredible orgasm.

Watch a spicy scene from a movie, show, or music video‍ to change the mood

Have a favorite sex scene? Put it on! Or maybe you know that music video that really does it for you. Watch it! Visual stimuli, especially if it has a tantalizing plot, can really help to get you squirming in your jeans, in a good way. That’s because desire often happens simply as a response to stimuli and of course divert your mind from the struggles of the day.

Listen To erotic or Audio porn‍

No matter your gender, sexual orientation, and sexual preferences, you’re bound to find something that turns you on regardless of your mood, so get that audio or video and spice up things until you get horny without having to rely on your own imagination or your partner to turn you on.

Watch That Porn That Turns You On‍

There is nothing wrong with watching porn in your own privacy as long you both consent, If you know you like porn and have a favorite, go-to porn sites (there are Crash Pad Series and Make Love Not Porn) or a specific video in mind, put it on and get your gears going until you both can’t wait to ‘drip’ in.
Wear Something Sexy‍
Slipping into something that makes you feel sexy, can be an instant mood changer. You know the feeling, that, “well damn, I look so good, That might mean getting all done up and putting on your favorite underwear. It might mean wearing that ring collar or that ‘come get me’ attire or wearing that packer you finally bought! Whatever makes you feel the best, put it on and make him/her say I wanna eat that little ‘thing’.

Exchange some dirty sexts‍

If you are free souls with your partner, well what better way to get yourself revved up for the night ahead than having a raunchy text exchange with your partner ahead of time? Get explicit, talk about all the things you want to do to them, and that you can’t wait to have them do to you, and have them do the same, Men tell her how you want to tear her apart when you get home, anticipation is the name of the game, baby

Take nudes/Sexy pics

Maybe you’re really feeling yourself in that outfit you put on. Why not take it a step further and document it? Even if you don’t send them to anyone, the thought of doing it and having a partner get turned on at the sight of you can be oh-so-tantalizing.‍

Break A Sweat ‍

That’s right! A nice refreshing workout can boost your libido. Exercise increases your circulation and blood flow, which both contribute to a higher sex drive. Doing exercise that you enjoy can also lower stress, which is great because we know that stress can really put a damper on desire. So, if you’ve got the time, hit the gym or the road for 30 minutes, go on a brisk walk, or have a mini solo dance party at your place!‍

Queue Up A Tantalizing Playlist ‍

If you’re the type of person who hears the lyrics “my neck, my back” and immediately start to grind in your seat, you might want to consider putting together a playlist of your favorite songs that get you in the mood, to have on hand whenever you need a little extra motivation.

Get Your Hands To Work

we all know that when it comes to sex, the hands have got all the magic that you need to get going in fact some men can even give you an incredible orgasm of your life with only fingers without dripping in at all that’s if they have mastered the art of doing it right and knowing the right part to touch.

So If arousal is what you want, these tips are surely going to help you wet your sexual whistle. Now get out there and get horny!‍

Till Next Time


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