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September 21, 2021

How To Spice Up Your Bedroom Games ‘Pulocess By Pulocess’ In This Lock Down

How To Spice Up Your Bedroom Games 'Pulocess By Pulocess' In This Lock Down


The pandemic has come with alot of time and less work as many of us have resorted to work from home due to lock down, however, we could take advantage of the time we have to spice up our bedroom skills with our partners and have a good time despite the challenges.

Are you looking to break out of the stale routine of your sex life? There is an array of things you can implement, so as to add a little bit of flavor to your lovemaking sessions. The most important thing is to keep an open mind and have fun with your partner.

Well, use this lock done to give your partner that mind blowing orgasm that puts a smile on their faces in the morning or knock them out with a few hours of sleep in the afternoon when they less expect it and here is how;

Try Out New Positions

Contrary to what you might think, having an arsenal of different sex positions is not just reserved for adult film actors. Other than missionary or doggy style, you can spice up things in the bedroom by suggesting new and exciting positions to your partner. This will not only breathe new life into your lovemaking, but it will also bring you closer to your partner by breaking down barriers to intimacy. Look up different positions like the shuttle, mermaid, straddle and more for increased excitement and intimacy in the bedroom.

 Do The “Dirty” Talk

The capability of your voice, during lovemaking, should not be underestimated. A lot can be achieved by erotically stimulated words. Hearing your partner speak in an erotic manner leads to the release of Dopamine, which goes a long way in giving you pleasure during sex. Simple things such as moans, to whispering explicit things into your partner’s ear can do wonders.

Nipple Stimulation

Both males and females have nipples. These regions carry a large number of nerve endings, which makes them extremely sensitive to touch. Manipulation of this sensitivity, in order to bring pleasure to your partner, will lead to better sexual experiences. This is because you are able to generate pleasure from multiple sources.

Actions such as gently rubbing the nipple with your fingers, soft kissing and soft licking will arouse your partner. Stiffening of the nipples will let you know that the experience is pleasurable.

Self Pleasuring

Self-pleasure is a touchy subject, and a lot of people will not openly admit to engaging in it, despite the health benefits and excitement. Watching your partner pleasure themselves serves as visual stimuli and is guaranteed to turn you on.

Masturbation can also serve as a teaching implement in the case of women. Male partners can learn how to pleasure their female counterparts by watching how they do it.

In the bedroom, an adventurous spirit and open-mindedness are guaranteed to keep the fire of your romance burning strong. Let go of the modesty and allow yourself to explore the depths of your desires with your partner.

Abandon Unrealistic Sexual Expectations

Be realistic with your partner about your sexual expectations.

Hollywood sex scenes and the type of sexual expression you find on the Web don’t offer an accurate depiction of real sex. While you might find them to be a turn-on, recognize that they aren’t “how-to” guides for sex.

Unfortunately, a lot of people look at them as a reflection of reality, or of what sex is “supposed” to be. The result is that people often set expectations for their partners and sex lives that inevitably end in disappointment and hurt feelings.

There are a lot of unfair expectations and pressures placed on us when it comes to sex, and this is especially true for women. A recent study highlights this point by demonstrating how good sex and self-esteem are connected in women.

The more confident you both are that you can meet each other’s needs, the better the sex will be.

Experiment With Foreplay

There are several obvious pleasure points on the human body—however, you may not have discovered all of your partner’s (and your own) pleasure points yet.

Men and women have numerous erogenous zones on their bodies, and they aren’t all below the waist.

For example, some people are majorly turned on when the back of their neck is massaged or caressed. For others, having their ears nibbled or licked can drive them wild. Then there’s the lower back, the back of the knee—the list goes on and on.

Women are all unique in their sexuality as highlighted by one study.

Some women can even reach orgasm simply by having their nipples stimulated. So while it’s easy to assume that all pleasure points exist between the legs, that just isn’t accurate.

Explore your partner and be willing to find new pleasure points. Both of you will be glad that you did.

Obviously, keep paying special attention to her personal requests and special interests. For example, many women have stronger orgasms when clitoral stimulation is involved, while others find internal stimulation of the area referred to as the “G-spot” to be highly erotic.

There are many ways to help your partner work up to orgasm and to reach her peak. The best way to find out what works for your partner is to talk about it and try new things.

Be Kind To Your Partner

How you treat your partner outside the bedroom matters when it comes to how they treat you in the bedroom.

When researchers survey people about the most important traits in a romantic partner, “kindness” and “honesty” routinely come in at the very top of the list, for women and men alike. People want a partner who treats them well.

The more you strive to be kind and considerate to your partner each day, the better your sex life will be.

Being kind to each other will help keep your relationship in a good place, and that’s key because relationship problems are one of the biggest factors that get in the way of active and satisfying sex life.

Of course, you also have to make sure you’re not just trying to be nice only to get what you want. Remember that people also want partners who are honest, which means that authenticity is key.

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