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“I Can’t Wait For 2021 Elections To Beat You Hands Down” Museveni Stings Bobi Wine& Mp Zaake

“I Can’t Wait For 2021 Elections To Beat You Hands Down” Museveni Stings Bobi Wine& Mp Zaake

President Yoweri Museveni has continued to show the opposition giant Hon Robert Kyagulanyi that he can not oust him from power he has enjoyed for more than 3 decades after releasing statement on his facebook page revealing that it is too early for the legislator to celebrate but should wait for the 2021 elections where Ugandan will decide who they want as president.

“Whether Ugandans want Bobi Wine or “Bosco” (I am made to understand that means Museveni), that is a matter that will be settled early next year,” Museveni

The ruling National Resistance Movement party was two weeks ago declared winner in majority of the districts in the National Youth Village elections after garnering 79% of the votes cast.

However, in his latest statement, the President said the elections were semi-finals and that Bobi Wine and his National Unity Platform will face it rough in the finals (2021 elections)

“Recently we had semi-finals in the form of elections of the disabled, the elderly and the youth. Who won in the 3 matches? Bosco won without too much preparation. I am looking forward to the finals.”

“Greetings to your foreign backers who fear a strong Uganda. Too bad for them.

In the same vein, Museveni made a second post commenting on Mityana legislator Hon Francis Zaake’s statements on COVID-19 situation saying that president has used it to suppress opposition and gives a smooth handle to his NRM MPs who have continuously been seen in different regions of the country violating the same guidelines and no one cautions them.

Museveni responded, “Whether Jane Aceng made a mistake here or whether Nabakooba did another mistake there, does not remove the fact of the onset of probably the greatest plague.”

He added that on account of the stringent measures, Ugandans took early, nobody died, for 4.5 months, until the 21st of July, 2020, when the first person from Namisindwa district and since that time, a total of 28 persons have died that include 20 from Kampala where the “mis-education of the likes of Zaake” confuses people.

President added that it is disappointing according to Zaake, money is more important than lives adding that moreover, some of the activities like the one where Zaake’s Father is, apparently, involved, are not in the interests of Uganda in the long-run and are  parasitic to Uganda’s economic health.

“This is importing consumer goods from China, Dubai, etc. These activities suck money and jobs from Uganda and take them to China and elsewhere” Museveni said.

In the same post, President Museveni praised his SFC guards again by saying that in Arua, Bobi Wine and Zaake stoned his vehicle and attacked NRM supporters who were coming from his rally and the SFC soldiers in a disciplined way delivered him to the helicopter first and went looking for the ring-leaders – Bobi Wine, Zaake and others whom they found in a hotel and subdued them.

“It is very impressive that the soldiers never used guns against Bobi Wine and Zaake in the hotel rooms where they were making a fool of themselves trying to box soldiers as if they were boxing village thieves” Museveni posted.

Commenting about Bobi Wine’s driver Yasin Kawuma who was shot to death in the same fracas, Museveni stated “one person died outside the hotel in mysterious circumstances. These groups have been in collusion with foreign enemies to infiltrate groups with guns to kill demonstrators and say that Government is the one killing them. We are patiently following up those.”

In the same vein, Museveni warned on the issue of red berets worn by Bobi Wine group ordering that the ones handling issues of political parties should address it, first, logically and legally.

“I do not want to put on the green beret of UPDF for politics. Politics is peaceful dialogue or arguments but not for war attire. It is the brown shirts of Hitler who used to put on berets” Museveni said.

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