• August 31, 2021
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Just In: President Museveni To Address Nation Next week

Just In: President Museveni To Address Nation Next week

While delivering his speech at Kololo Independence Grounds at the pass out of Prison cadets and non-commissioned officers, Museveni has announced that next week he will deliver a state of the nation address on the Masaka escalating killings.

“I will give an address next week in the local language on this matter,” he said, adding that several of the suspects had been arrested and many more will be apprehended”. Museveni said

President Yoweri Museveni has revealed that the recent murders in the greater Masaka are being sent by and orchestrated by people in political positions.

The President while speaking for the first time on the gruesome murders which have been ongoing for the past month, described the people behind the killings as pigs.

He also inferred that there is evidence directly connecting the murders to the political actors.
These actors, Museveni said will be “finished politically” once the evidence comes out.

“You can imagine such people, killing old people who are 70, or 80, in their houses. There is no political strategy in that. You are finished now,” Museveni said.

“You are finished politically once we bring evidence in court showing that so and so sent these people who are on marijuana to kill an 80-year-old.  Where will you go? You have nowhere to go.” Museveni said.

So far a total of 29 people have been killed by machete-wielding men in the greater Masaka area , causing fresh fear among members of the public.

The gangs operate in a similar fashion like in 2018 in the same area where villages are alerted of an impending attack and at night, unknown assailants armed with machetes pounce on villages.

What has remained puzzling many including locals and security is that despite attacking and later killing, no valuables are stolen from the victims of the machete gangs.

On Monday, the State Minister for Security, Gen David Muhoozi said at least 60 suspects had been arrested over the Masaka murders.

He revealed that they would be charged with terrorism for trying to instill fear and panic among the public.

Police spokesperson, Fred Enanga said on screening, they remained with 15 key suspects but said they are acts are sponsored by other people he didn’t mention.

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