• August 11, 2020
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Marriage And Relationships: Taking An Insight Into Women And Sex

Marriage And Relationships: Taking An Insight Into Women And Sex

Love, marriage and relationships is sometimes indeed a mystery and expecting too much can ruin everything and yet having no expectations, you can both have a great time when you least expect it and you keep yearning for more.

Today I want to talk about  us women, Women always wonder if they did well, Some hold off the sex because they are not sure if they will  be good enough  to impress.
Women overthink about sex. Is my cookie tight enough? Is it wet enough? What should I say during the act? These questions always pop up when there is a new stick in the yard as well as in marriage and women keep asking themselves whether they impress their men or they keep making total blunders everyday and yet in actual sense having all these questions lingering in your head will actually make things even worse.

Men also prepare for the act, but every man believes they are good as long as they are hard or big enough. They do prepare, but their preparation is really about the first impression in that room or car or kitchen counter.
See what I did there, gave you options.
For men, it is about the journey to the act. They believe the moment it slides in, there is no turning back.
Some women  even rehearse what they will say during the act. What a shame?
To the women, I want you to get out of your crazy mind and know that sex is for you too. There is no basic order in the bedroom, bathroom or kitchen  If you want the other person as much as they want you, you will have all the fun.
Stop worrying about how wet you will be, Stop drinking jerricans of Okra preparing for that moment.
Have you ever wondered why you are so wet for one person and not the other?
If you have to find something to lubricate you more, you do not genuinely want to get laid with that person. Again, if you have to find anything external help to get wet, please don’t lay with that man because it is not genuine.

I have heard of rare species of men that go out of their way to get things that will help get their women wet. Now this goes to those who are dating or planning to get into relationships but haven’t reached the step of getting intimate, Let’s get real; there is something about a new stick or cookie, the excitement alone should get you so wet, you will need a pantyliner, It will get you so hard, you will drip.
The moment we all wait for from the time we make up our mind that we want it, You think about that stick and get wet without being around it, Squirting is real if that man knows the right spot to hit, and it is easier when you want to get laid with them.
You will enjoy sex more as a woman if you take out all expectations that come with laying a particular guy, Stop thinking about how much transport money will come out of the meet, Stop thinking he will fall in love  with you because you are so good in bed because sex has nothing to do with love but rather your characters, respect and how you treat a man in a relationship will get him stuck on you or send him packing.

I am no angel. I know that sometimes we get carried away for different reasons, but today we are talking about actually enjoying the act, don’t overthink, know when your body wants some,    women also want sex as much as men. Stop being pretentious, walk up to him and tell him you want some, right there, in that moment in fact you don’t even have to say a word but  your actions will definitely speak louder,  Sex is not about just the men. When you want some get out of your damn thinking  head and get into the sheets.

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