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Breaking News: Museveni Bans Public Transport With Immediate Effect
2 min read

  The government has directed all its officials and other staff not to use public transport means for fear of contracting or spreading the deadly...

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June 19, 2021

Museveni Orders For Installation Of Digital Tracking Devices On All Motorcycles To Hunt Down Hard-Core Criminals

Museveni Orders For Installation Of Digital Monitors On All Motorcycles To Hunt Down Hard-Core Criminals


President Yoweri Museveni has asked his newly appointed State Minister for Internal Affairs, Gen David Muhoozi to look into and ensure the revival of the plan to put digital tracking monitors on all motorcycles and vehicles in the country.

The President first ordered for digital trackers to be installed in all vehicles back in 2018, at the peak of the murder spate which claimed several prominent Ugandans.

While several other of his directives have since been implemented including the installation of street cameras, President Museveni noted today that vehicle tracking never took off.

“In my 2018 speech, I talked about digital monitors to be installed in every vehicle and motorcycle.  That project has delayed and I don’t know why,” Museveni said during the budget speech reading at Kololo.

The project, he said, was being handled back then by Security Minister Gen Elly Tumwiine and current Works and Transport Minister Edward Katumba Wamala.

Following the recent assassination attempt on the life of Gen Katumba which left his daughter and driver killed, Museveni announced today that it was time to revive the vehicle tracking project.

“This morning I was talking to the new minister of internal affairs David Muhoozi, and asked him what happened to that project; why has it been delayed?” he said.
“I have told Gen Muhoozi who is also the CDF to check what has happened.”

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President Museveni believes tracking vehicles would be greatly helpful in hunting for hard-core criminals such as assassins who often use bodaboda motorcycles.

“I don’t want any more timewasting in investigations; every vehicle and every motorcycle must have a digital monitor, centrally monitored. If you try to remove it we shall see you and go for you,” he said.

“The monitor will show us where you are at any time if we are interested in you. We are not interested in clandestine activities, as long as you are not near the scene of the crime” Museveni noted.

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