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Covid-19 Self Medication- Here Is What You Need Know From Health Experts
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  The Ministry of Health has warned the public against self-medication against COVID-19 saying this might have unwanted outcomes. Social media has for the past...

Deputy Speaker Issues Strict Covid-19 Guidelines,Orders For Scaling Down Of Parliamentary Staff
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  The Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Anita Among has issued new guidelines on the conduct of business in parliament in light of the surge in...

Uganda Confirms 1,122 New Covid-19 Cases In One day
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  The Uganda Ministry of Health has announced that the country has registered 1,122 new cases from the results of COVID-19 tests done on 12...

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 National Drug Authority(NDA) has dismissed allegations of approving a Covid-19 local herb called COVIDEX, a herbal remedy from PHARMBIOTRAC that is associated with Mbarara University...

Steaming Could Be Harmful Than Covid-19: Doctors Caution Against Desperate Prevention,Treatment Measures
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  The recent resurgence in Covid-19 infection has forced thousands of people into desperate prevention and treatment measures, which doctors have since warned could be...

Parliament has again varied the number of ministers from 80 to 81 with the new slot going to the Ministry of Information, ICT and National guidance. According to the movers of the motion Fox Odoi and Abdu Katuntu, there is need to add one slot of a state minister for National Guidance in order to enable the president have a cabinet that reflects the national character and social diversity. In her first sitting chairing the House, the Deputy Speaker of Parliament Anita Among first informed Legislators that she had received a communication from the president asking Parliament to vary the number of Ministers from 80 that was approved on Thursday last week to 81. Thereafter, West Budama North East MP Fox Odoi moved the motion and which was seconded by Abdu Katuntu. Odoi and Katuntu said the additional slot will enable the President have a cabinet that reflects national diversity. They pointed out that Kasese had been left out during the recent cabinet appointments and will therefore be the beneficiary of the new slot. MPs from Kasese supported the motion saying the new slot will enable cabinet to be broadly represented by all regions in addition to having a country that is well governed politically. Parliament endorsed the creation of the new slot.
1 min read

  Parliament has again varied the number of ministers from 80 to 81 with the new slot going to the Ministry of Information, ICT, and...

2 min read

  Katakwi Woman MP Maj Jessica Alupo has this morning been approved as the new Vice President of Uganda, replacing Edward Kiwanuka Ssekandi who has...

Just In: Nubian LI, Eddie Mutwe And 25 Other NUP Supporters Released On Cash Bail
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The General Court Martial has released on bail 18 people detained six months ago while campaigning for presidential candidate Bobi Wine real name Robert Kyagulanyi....

Uganda Confirms 1,727 New COVID-19 Cases In One Day As Cases Skyrocket To 61,977 Cases
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By Echonews Admin Kampala: Uganda has recorded 1,727 new COVID-19 cases over the past 24 hours from results of COVID-19 tests done on 11 June...

How To Deal With Depression In This Covid-19 Pandemic
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  When you’re depressed, you can’t just will yourself to “snap out of it but this guide to depression help can put you on the...

June 15, 2021

New Wave In Town! Earn Money With Pieme Application Taking Social Media By Storm

New Wave In Town! Earn Money With Pieme Application Taking Social Media By Storm

New Wave In Town! Earn Money With Pieme Application Taking Social Media By Storm

Do you have a restaurant, a bar or big space at your home or apartments, do you have a dream to start any of these or interested in hosting events and parties at your home? well the answer is Pieme the new application in town that can allow you to do all  these and more just in seconds at the tap of your hands and you are good to go.

Pieme allows users to create meals and events of all kinds and enables bars and restaurants to reach out to their audiences including making menu updates, taking customer’s orders and suggestions depending on what the customers want, all this is done through the platforms provided by pieme with best features including Host and Guest section that allows users to interact and share their ideas and  preferences  just like any other social media application.

However this is the most amazing part about this new app, unlike other social media applications or platforms, Pieme pays you for using it and this is how you are going to make some good money from pieme if you have what it takes , all you need is have more than 1000 followers of friends and a few other steps and your life is changed.

While you can like, comment, and share Pies, you can also earn from PieMe if you meet the requirements, You need to grow your account to become an influencer with a huge follower-base, then you can earn from PieMe,  when you qualify to earn on PieMe, the earning doesn’t happen automatically, Your inputs are required before you can be paid.

  • You must have over 1000 followers, and your account must be verified with a blue tick
  • You must have posted at least 120 pies (updates) within the last 90 days (3 months)
  • The user must have organized or attended at least 15 meals within the last 90 days
  • The user’s pies over the last 90 days must attract heavy engagement with over 12000 likes
  • Qualified Piemates are expected to share promotional content on their profile (promotional content are labeled “Sponsored” on PieMe timeline)
  • When you share the promotional content, it will appear to your followers on PieMe
  • If your followers click on the promotional content, you’ll earn up to 30% of the advert’s CPC.
  • In other words, whatever Cost Per Click (CPC) PieMe charges advertisers to promote their content on PieMe, verified/qualified influencers would get up to 30% of that (CPC) amount when their followers click on the promoted content, which they re-shared on their timeline.

A Piemate that meets with the requirements above is qualified to earn up to 30% of any amount paid by advertisers to promote their content on PieMe.

Are you bored some where in your home or guest room around town?Pieme has got your back with one tap on your smart phone and you can find out where the fun is and you can either join the party or order for the meals/drinks in just seconds.

Pieme is a social application that makes life fun and enjoyable by creating a bond with people around you. A social media platform designed to bring people together, improve relationships, and encourage communal co-existence. It makes available numerous options for events and food from which people can easily choose from depending on what they want. This application was created to ensure participation in events – as a host or guest, chatting with friends and loved ones, and sharing notable and memorable experiences called Pies.

PieMe brings people together by sharing meals or events with friends or the world while making the experience more fascinating. With PieMe, find events or access food around specific locations, and it is safe and secure with provision of host and guest reviews provided from previous experiences.

It is an application that makes it easy for users to make the best use of their resources, meet new people, and connect. Making the best use of your free time and space is made possible with PieMe – the new wave in town.

PieMe is user oriented; get to hold an event in your space and share it with others. Get to choose the event you would love to participate in, depending on your choice or desire. Create your custom meal and receive requests from different hosts around at your budget and terms This application has four major features that make it easy to use including the Host section, Guest section, Chat, and Pies.

Pieme provides access to a wide range of events or meals around you,  users can easily search, make definite choices, and receive notifications, this aims at creating a better co-existence between people and sharing your experience with others is a way we believe that can be achieved under our Pie section.

Pie Me  allows you to share your thoughts as “Pies” with images and videos. It also provides a platform to showcase your “meals” or chat with other users (PieMates). Posts/updates shared on PieMe are referred to as “Pies.”

PieMe’s “Chat” allows you to chat with other PieMe users (called PieMates) over an encrypted protocol. You can engage in private chats or group chats. There are other things to do on PieMe, which includes hosting a meal or joining as a “guest.”`

PieMates can follow each other, react, and comment under Pies. PieMe simply creates a secure atmosphere for you to connect, chat, and call (video call) other people from around the world.

PieMe users can create different events and meals. These events and meals can be “Private” or “Public;” a public event/meal  is free and open to everyone on PieMe. In contrast, private events/meals are based on requests. To host an event or meal on PieMate, navigate to the “Host” tab, and select from the options.

Event/Meal hosts can easily view all guests who have joined their event, as well as have access to other “admin” tools to manage the activities of all guests. Once a guest is accepted to join an event or meal, the guest is automatically added to the group chat.

Creating a meal is very easy and straightforward. Navigate to the “Host” tab and choose to create a new meal. You will have to provide details about the meals – the details include a picture of the meal, the price, description, name of the meal, and location.

Meals are not cooked on PieMe; the host cooks the meal and shares the details with PieMates on PieMe. A “Host” is also expected to list the meals’ quantity; hence, a “Guest” can easily see if the meal is still available or already sold out. A “Guest” can choose to pay for a meal online or visit the location and pay to taste the meal.

PieMe provides “Guests” with the option to rate and review an event or meal. The rating is from 0 – 5 stars. Hosts can view and access the reviews, but they cannot alter the reviews. These reviews reveal the level of satisfaction other PieMe users have experienced by joining your events or partaking in a meal.

Reviews are available under the host’s username. Click on “View all Reviews” to read all reviews about your meal and events. Positive reviews will attract new customers to your restaurant for more meals or attract more guests for your subsequent events.

You can host a meal and restrict the attendance to only invited friends. On PieMe, hosts can send meal invitations to their friends on PieMe. If the friend accepts your invitation, he/she is added to the chat group where they can get more information about the meal.

When an invitation is sent to a friend, the host doesn’t need to “accept” the guest’s request before the friend is added to the chat group. PieMe is flexible for hosts and guests.

Anyone can request to partake in a meal that’s open to all PieMates (made public). To send a meal request, navigate to the “Guest” tab, and click on “Meals.” From the “Meals” page, you can browse through assorted meals prepared by different hosts. You can also follow a “Host” if you discover that he/she always prepares your kind of meals.

Click on any meal you wish to eat, and further click on “Send Request” to notify the host you wish to join in a meal. The meal price is listed before the description to keep you abreast of the meal cost.

Also, if you can’t find a meal that you want, “Guests” can create custom meal requests, and “hosts” will apply to prepare the meal based on the requirements indicated in the custom request.

New guests can also rate and review a host after attending an event or meal. PieMe tries to achieve a transparent platform where people get good value for their efforts. A poorly-rated host will try to improve his/her offering to achieve new positive recommendations and reviews.

Guests can share an event or meal on their timeline to attract the attention of other PieMates. There are no restrictions on sharing events and meals on PieMe. You can share as many events or meals, and the PieMates following your account can react or comment on the shared update.

Coming Soon on Google Play Store

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