• May 19, 2021
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NRM To Use Secret Ballot To Decide On Speaker Race

NRM To Use Secret Ballot To Decide On Speaker Race

The ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) electoral commission has said that the Speaker of Parliament and the Deputy Speaker will be voted for by the party caucus in a secret ballot.

The Central Executive Committee (CEC), the top organ of the NRM on Monday sat and decided that all those interested in contesting for the two positions should express interest and later be vetted before elections by the party caucus on Sunday.

In a statement released on Tuesday evening, the party electoral commission chairman, Dr. Tanga Odoi said they are starting today to receive an expression of interest from members seeking to contest for the two positions in the 11th parliament.

“To contest for any of the above positions, an aspiring candidate must be an NRM member of the 11th parliament and likewise, all voters for the above positions must be NRM members of the 11th parliament,” Tanga said.


The NRM electoral commission chairperson said that after writing to them expressing interest, they will present the names of the interested candidates to the party Central Executive Committee for vetting and later forward them back to the electoral commission for nominations.

Voting of the Speaker and Deputy Speaker of the 11th parliament for the ruling party will be done on Sunday by the NRM caucus.


According to Dr.Tanga Odoi, on polling day, eligible voters shall be convened in a process that will follow Ministry of Health guidelines on Covid-19.

“Polling exercise shall start at 10 am with election officials setting up the polling station and close at 2 pm. Aspiring candidates shall each be given reasonable time to campaign before voting commences,” he said.

The NRM electoral commission chairman said that each candidate will be allowed two agents from members of the electorate to witness the polling process whereas a voters’ register will be availed during the voting day to identify rightful voters.

“Voting shall be by secret ballot and voting by proxy shall not be allowed. The winners shall be declared based on those candidates who shall obtain a simple majority of the total votes counted in the election.”

“In case the first two candidates tie, the election shall be repeated. In case of any disagreement on any matter arising out of the electoral process, the returning officer’s decision shall be final.”

However, the NRM electoral commission has warned members against bribery, procuring ineligible persons to vote, soliciting votes after campaigns, and publication of false statements by candidates.


The speakership race has seen incumbent Rebecca Kadaga, a speaker for 10 years pitted against her deputy, Jacob Oulanyah, who has been a deputy for 10 years.

On the other side, David Bahati, Robinah Rwakoojo, Anita Among, Jacob Oboth Oboth, and Thomas Tayebwa are some of the contestants for the Deputy Speaker position.

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