• December 6, 2021
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Police arrests suspected ADF main courier, in Kampala

Police arrests suspected ADF main courier, in Kampala

Security has announced a breakthrough in the ongoing operations to dismantle the Allied Democratic Forces(ADF) cell in Kampala by arresting a man suspected to be the group’s main courier.

Following the twin blasts at the Central Police Station and along Parliamentary Avenue in Kampala in which seven people died, a joint security team launched operations targeting an ADF terror cell they said was responsible for the deadly attacks.

Several suspects have since been arrested in various parts of the country and are suspected to have been part of the ADF sleeper cell in Kampala.

Addressing journalists on Monday, Police spokesperson, Fred Enanga said as part of their ongoing operations, the joint security team has arrested 37 year old Twaha Sseggujja also known as Joseph Kisembo , a boda boda rider who is suspected to have been the main courier of the ADF sleeper cell in Kampala.

“Our task teams tracked him down and was arrested Twaha Ssegujja, a resident of Nakuwadde village, Nakabugo parish in Wakiso district and so far we have established that he came to Kampala in 2007 from Kagadi district and has been working as a boda boda rider,”Enanga said.

“In 2018, he was recruited into the ADF ranks and went to DRC for military training before sneaking back into the country with an AK47 registered in DRC.”

The police spokesperson told journalists that on returning to the country, Ssegujja started carrying out assignments given to him by one Medi Nkalubo, an ADF coordinator in the country who is currently on the run.

According to security, at the time of his arrest, Nkalubo was allegedly disguising as a boda boda rider but also had a shop in Nakuwadde where he lived and a search led security to an assortment of weapons and bomb-making materials.

“A search in the store at his shop led to discovery of a Ak47 rifle, a silver grenade concealed in laptop bag, nine pairs of green gumboots, five Airtel lines, two Itel phones,  389 detonating rods, suspected explosive boosters, two bags of ammonium nitrate stacked in sacks of sugar and seven  tins of chemical fluids used in bomb making,”Enanga said.

He explained that further investigations have indicated that Ssegujja only shifted to Nakuwadde over two months ago and that dusigusing as a boda boda rider, he was able to transport weapons and bomb making materials for the ADF sleeper cell operating in Kampala.

“This recovery and the arrest has definitely dealt a big blow to ADF cells in  the country since the suspect Twaha  Ssegujja was  the main courier of the ADF network and was actively involved in transporting of bomb making materials and weapons among their operatives,”Enanga added.

He said that the arrest gives credence to the continued security operations targeting ADF cells in the country.

“The fact that we are continuing to make these arrests and recover the weapons shows that the terror threats against Ugandans still exist and we strongly believe that if these dangerous weapons had not been recovered and left in hands of terrorists, results would be more devastating.”

He insisted that operations aimed at decimating ADF cells within the country are still ongoing.

The developments come on the backdrop of  air and artillery offensives launched by the UPDF and the Congolese army, FADRC against ADF camps in the thick DRC forests earlier last week in an operation code-named Shujaa, a Kiswahili word for “hero.”

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