• November 5, 2021
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Police caution Bobi wine, Besigye against planned riots next week

Police caution Bobi wine, Besigye against planned riots next week

According to police spokesperson Fred Enanga, the leadership of the Joint Security Agencies has obtained credible intelligence about plans by NUP, the newly formed “Peoples Front for Transition, and other political actors, to hold riots and political demonstrations across the country, beginning, Monday, 8.11.2021. 

Enanga revealed that intelligence reveals how NUP has mobilized its political leaders at various levels from Members of Parliament, Councilors and other local actors of violence, to hold riots and political demonstrations, over the lawful remand of two opposition Hon. MPs namely; Hon. Segirinya Muhammad and Hon. Allan Sewanyana.

The other reasons they are fronting rotate around the ongoing bail reforms. 

On the other hand, the Peoples Front For Transition has through their leader, the Rtd. Col. Dr. Kiiza Besigye, called for all forceful means to take over a legitimate government.

“As you all know, politically motivated violence is dangerous, and as witnessed during November 2020, violent riots and political demonstrations, can lead to loss of lives and massive destruction of property,” Enanga said in a statement.

He said it is, therefore, unfortunate that selected politicians from the opposition have reached a conclusion, that incitement to violence and related acts of looting, destruction and vandalism, is the only ticket to political change and relevance in Uganda. 

These are however, not real or legitimate causes for them to pursue violent agendas.

“As the Joint Security Agencies, we took hard lessons from the November, 2020, riots and political demonstrations, and the collateral damage suffered.  This time we are going to respond swiftly and target the perpetrators, professional instigators of violence, ring leaders, participants and those who may be funding such illegitimate acts of violence.”

“As we conclude, we do reiterate that we are not targeting free speech rights but rather focused on a calculated and loosely coordinated campaign of instigating violence and further escalate it into a civil uprising.  Once again, our responses will ensure the rights of the majority of Ugandans, to life and property are not disrupted by these perennial instigators of violence.”

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