• October 2, 2020
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Ruparelia Foundation Unveils Eco-Brick Toilet Project In Ghetto Schools To Boost Sanitation

Ruparelia Foundation Unveils Eco-Brick Toilet Project In Ghetto Schools  To Boost Sanitation

Ruparelia Foundation today Friday unveiled the Eco-Brick Toilet project to improve and promote health, general welfare, relieve poverty, better human livelihood in Ghetto places in Kampala suburbs.

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As part of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), the Foundation has given save Good Samaritan High School in Nsooba, a ghetto community located between Kamwokya and Kyebando with a health and standardized toilets.

It is worth noting that this development is in fulfillment of a pledge made by the Ruparelia Foundation last year when they revealed that they were to use money from The Royal Ascot Goat Races to undertake an Eco-Brick Toilet, a CSR project to build toilets aimed at improving sanitation at the Good Samaritan High School, which project started in December 2019.

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Sheena Ruparelia, a Trustee at  Ruparelia Foundation, confirmed that the project has been completed successfully and ready for the unveiling and eventual handover to Good Samaritan High School. Noah Kisira, the headteacher of the school described the completed project work as magnificent.

According to one of the constructors of the project, the 10 toilets have consumed 13.2 ton of recycled material including polythene commonly known as kaveera, cement, timber, concert stones and hard-core stones, eco bottle bricks (bottles stuffed with polythene), sand, iron bars, nails, iron sheets and water among others all worth millions.


“The project has had a multiplier impact on the ghetto communities in Nsooba, Kamwokya and Kyebando. It has been revealed that 50 community members were taught the skill of making these eco-friendly bricks, 100 community members earned from building the structure and 500 students will now return to the school which had been closed due to lack of sanitary facilities,” an official from Ruparelia group said.

Naiya said they were going to keep on ground to ensure the funds donated to the project are put directly to the right use.

Patrick Mujuzi, Founder Ghetto Research Lab Uganda, while welcoming the donation, said the project is going to be a solution to the environmental challenges in the ghetto and the diseases that arise due to poor hygiene.

The objectives of the project are to empower the youth with hands-on skills through research on composted manure, technology, urban/smart farming vocational training and employment opportunities and to preserve, protect and propagate the significance of sustainable development of maintaining ecological balance through tree planting and urban farming.

Other objectives are to improve sanitation within the slum areas through waste recycling and achieve the green agenda through environmental conservation by recycling the plastics and polythene into eco-bricks, plastic pavers, flower pots, plastic rooftops etc.

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