• October 1, 2020
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Singer Rocky Giant Set To Meet Museveni, Gets Multi millions Deals After Being Tortured By Buchaman

Singer Rocky Giant Set To Meet Museveni, Gets Multi millions Deals After  Being Tortured By Buchaman

Troubled singer Rocky Giant’s torture video could “land him into things” after it’s emerged that a meeting has been arranged between him and the country’s supreme leader President Yoweri Museveni.

A very disturbing video emerged on social media on Thursday where the legendary rapper helplessly endured torture at the hands of Presidential Advisor on ghetto Affairs Buchaman.

The video would later create a public uproar with many calling for justice from the authorities for the singer.

Rocky Giant

Many entertainers had by the end of the day came out with offers that could help restore the troubled rapper to his old days of glory through free music recordings, videos, collabos, and free written music.

It’s however been revealed but the artiste would not end on the help from fellow entertainers alone as a meeting with President Museveni have been reported to be on the cards.

We have since established that Museveni chief fixer and fisherman Balaam Barugahara has already contacted the country’s Chief Executive to fix an appointment for the meeting.

Balaam’s disciple Ashburg Katto confirmed the rumour when he posted on his Facebook page on Thursday that the events promoter has indeed arranged a yet to be confirmed meeting between Rocky Giant and the President.

Rocky Giant was on Thursday seen in a video that has since gone viral on social media pleading helplessly as a group of seemingly drug intoxicated men led by Buchaman exerted terror on the rapper for allegedly calling himself the Ghetto president, a title ‘reserved’ for the former fire base second in command.

Rocky was also tasked to explain why he had reportedly made it a habit of disrespecting and talk ill of the Ghetto leader as if he didn’t know the important position he holds in this country.

The video has since spurred a public protest with many people castigating the manner in which Buchaman has treated the veteran singer.

Fellow singer Sheeba Karungi took to her Facebook page to castigate Buchaman for the behavior on Thursday, while Kazibwe Kapo called for justice from the authorities over the Government official’s unbecoming conduct.

In solidarity with the veteran rapper for whom things clearly seems not to be going on well, numerous offers have started pouring in mainly from fellow entertainers, aimed at reinventing his stagnated music career.

Popular music composer Henry Ssekyanzi alias Nince Henry has, through his facebook Page offered to write two rap songs for the troubled entertainer at no cost.” I am ready to write two rap songs for Rocky Giant for free.” He announced.

The successful lyric maker also announced that celebrated tune aggregator Diggy Bour had offered free production services for Rocky while video maker Jahlive would do 3 free videos for him.

Comedian Tata Sam has equally pledged to write three video scripts for the musician and also act as a vixen in one of them at no charge.

Socialite Alicia Bosschic also announced that she had secured for Rocky a collabo with Tanzanian Rapper Rayvanny.

Rocky Giant was one of the most prominent musicians in the early 2000s with his ” Ndi ngoma Nene” hit song gifting him a name in the industry.

He has also variously been named the father of hip hop music with his name admittedly mentioned as an inspiration by contemporary rappers like Mun G, GNL Zamba and Navio.

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