• November 5, 2021
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Suspect in recent bomb attacks shot dead

Suspect in recent bomb attacks shot dead

The police have confirmed that a man suspected to have been part of the masterminds behind the recent bomb attacks at Komamboga and on a Swift Safaris bus along the Kampala-Masaka highway has been shot dead while allegedly trying to escape.

According to the police spokesperson. Fred Enanga, the joint counter-terrorism team found themselves in a violent scuffle after the suspect jumped off from the patrol vehicle and tried to escape after his arrest.

“The Joint Counter Terror task team actively involved in the ongoing counter-terror operations, found themselves in a volatile situation, after a terror suspect, jumped off a patrol vehicle and tried to escape while being escorted to SID Kireka. The officers responded immediately and fired warning shots while commanding him to stop but all in vain, which prompted them to shoot and main. Unfortunately, the suspect succumbed to the bullet wounds at the scene around Naguru remand home,” Fred Enanga said on Friday morning.

According to Enanga the deceased identified as Adam Matovu, 36 a resident of Ttula zone, 1 ward Kawempe division.

It is said that the incident happened as officers returned from “a very successful cordon and search operation” in Kawempe Division, where they recovered an AK 47 gun, (without a serial number) but with 14 rounds, a bag containing a suicide belt with suspected explosives, and an assortment bomb-making materials.

“The suspected explosive was neutralized at the site, on safety grounds. The officers kept telling him to stop, but he did not adhere to their command. As we review, the shooting incident, we urge all suspects to always follow our due processes, to avoid such tragic incidents.”

The two incidents that saw two people including a suspected suicide bomber killed in the bomb attacks also left a couple of others injured.

Security has since blamed the attack on ADF terrorist group which operates from the volatile DRC thick forests.

It is said the group has sleeper cells in the country and are responsible for the attacks.

Security has since warned the public to be aware of suicide bombers as the new form of attacks used by the group.

The development comes on the heels of three people who will later today be arraigned in court over charges related to the attacks.

The three suspects have been identified as Rashid Katumba, Najjimu Luyenje and Arafat Kiyemba and will be arraigned before the Buganda Road Magistrates Court on charges of terrorism among others.

President Museveni recently said the terrorists made a silly mistake to attack the country, adding that they will soon be crushed.

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