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Tamale Murundi Reveals Shocking Secrets About Besigye’s Plan B To Defeat Museveni

Tamale Murundi Reveals Shocking Secrets About Besigye’s Plan B To Defeat Museveni

Former Senior Presidential Press Secretary Joseph Tamale Mirundi has revealed how former Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party president Dr Kizza Besigye is planning to use his Plan B to frustrate President Yoweri Museveni’s chances of winning next year’s general elections.

Appearing on STV’s Sharp Talk show on Tuesday, Mirundi said that after realising that the opposition cannot defeat President Museveni in the forthcoming general elections, Besigye opted to come up with his Plan B which is entirely aiming at creating political regional base which will deny Museveni the required winning percentage which stands at 51 per cent.

Mirundi’s revelation follows the recent announcement by four-time presidential candidate that he will not contest in in next year’s elections but rather he will be concentrating on his Plan B

“Elections have been heavily state-managed and as the opposition, our role has been to legitimise but this time, let me clearly separate my role now. We have agreed with my colleagues that we get somebody to lead plan A [the election] and you leave plan B for me,” Besigye said on a few days ago.

According to some political science scholars like Yusuf Serunkuma, Besigye’s Plan B is always a protest culture which doesn’t deliver quick and definite results as an election does.

However according to Mirundi, this time round, Besigye’s move may force President Museveni out of the leadership of Uganda.

“Opposition has tried all its options and have failed to win President Museveni, so now they have resorted to the creation of political regional roads, Bring Amuriat, this is the first Easterner in FDC to get his name on a presidential ballot paper and due to unsettled wrangles in Eastern region which NRM have failed to solve Amuriat can win Museveni in this region, given the fact that their child Lt Gen Charles Angina in the army is being humiliated by top army officers,”

Mirundi added that it may also be hard for the ruling party to win in Northern Uganda and Buganda because of Bobi Wine’s new political wave. He added that in West Nile although Museveni has done everything for them, they don’t like him because he fought Idi Amin. He added that also in Kasese if Mugisha Muntu is with Winnie Kiiza, NRM will not win in the region.

“So what they are going to do is to deny Museveni an outright win of 51 per cent and if the Electoral Commission calls for the re-run they will not accept, they will say we have won President Museveni, a protest will spark from there and when it comes to protesting, Besigye and Henry Tumukunde are good at such plannings,” he said.

“NRM look at Tumukunde as a joker but he is the most dangerous of all the people contesting against Museveni, and in case Besigye’s plan B succeeds that is when you will see how wise Tumukunde is.”

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