• August 10, 2021
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Tears And Agony As Machete Assailants Launch Attacks In Masaka Again, Five Killed

Tears And Agony As Machete Assailants Launch Attacks In Masaka Again, Five Killed

Unknown assailants, who have in the last three weeks terrorized residents in the greater Masaka area, have dropped letters threatening to launch more attacks. 

The assailants attack their targets in the wee hours of the night where they sometimes use machetes to kill or injure their victims. 

In a space of three weeks, a total of nine people have been attacked and five killed by the assailants in the districts of Lwengo, Masaka, Sembabule, and Bukomansimbi.

In the letters dropped in Misanvu Village, Kibinge Sub County, Bukomansimbi District at the weekend, the assailants claim they are part of a rebel outfit which they do not name and threaten to behead whoever stands in their way to achieve their goal.

“The people of Kibinge Sub-county area, I greet you! I am the chief rebel and leader of a new group that has come out to fight the Museveni evil. There are people among you that we have identified and who are fit to join us to fight this evil given the level of their determination and braveness. We are going to persuade them to join us, but if persuasion fails, we will force them to become part of us. Here is the list of their names….,” one letter, written in Luganda, reads in part.

 “We beg forgiveness for the long delay to visit your area since we last notified you about our plans to come. We have been busy traversing many other areas. But we have to get money from the following for us to carry out our activities well: Siraje Shs5m, Zibairi Shs3m, Kyobe Shs2m, Mulindwa Shs2m,” another leaflet stated.ADVERTISEMENT

In the same letter, the assailants asked the officer-in-charge of Misanvu Police Station, Mr Maurice Abongo, to provide them with two guns to help them in their activities.

After seeing the leaflets, authorities in Kibinge Sub-county at the weekend convened a meeting to discuss the deteriorating security situation in the area.

During the meeting, Mr Abongo told residents to observe the 7pm curfew for their safety.
“We have been lenient with our people who move at night, but after these threatening letters, whoever will be found violating curfew will be regarded as a criminal and will be arrested,” Mr Abongo said.

He added: “Let them [assailants] carry their coffins when coming for the guns, we are ready for them. We are going to increase both the foot and motorised patrols for us to manage the situation.” 

The Kibinge Sub-county chairperson, Mr Deogratius Bwanika, said: “Let us shun those elements trying to destabilize our country. ” 

Mr Siraje Kasule, who the assailants asked to provide Shs5m, said: “In 2018, those assailants also put my name on the leaflets, but God protected me and will do the same this time around because I am a law-abiding citizen.”

This is not the first time that such threats are made.
Between 2017 and   2018, dozens of murder and robbery cases were registered in the greater Masaka sub-region.
The attackers would send prior notices warning to attack residents before attacking them.

A joint security operation later led to the breakup of a notorious gang led by Muhammad Kiddawalime and the late Musa Ggaliwango who was killed by a mob in Bukulula Trading Centre in Kalaungu District during a foiled robbery.
In December 2019 , unknown people dropped letters at Kyajiija in Bukulula Sub-county in Kalungu District, threatening to attack the area again.

Source: Daily Monitor

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