Tokyo Olympics: Uganda’s Nakayi, Nanyondo Qualify For 800m Semi-Finals

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Tokyo Olympics: Uganda’s Nakayi, Nanyondo Qualify For 800m Semi-Finals
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Uganda’s athletes Winnie Nanyondo and Halima Nakayi have raised Uganda’s flag after they qualified to semifinals in the women’s 800m at the ongoing Tokyo Olympics Qualifiers.

In the competitions that kicked off today’s morning at 3:25 am, Ugandan middle-distance runner Albert Chemutai was the first to grace the track before he sadly fell short of qualifying for the 3000m steeplechase final.

Chemtai finished a distant ninth in Heat 1 as he crossed the finish line in a time of 8:29.81.

However the two ladies, Winnie Nanyondo and Halima Nakayi who made it perfectly to the Women’s 800m semifinals.

Nanyondo finished second in the first heat in 2:02.02, barely a second behind race winner Renelle Lamote of France.

World champion Nakaayi finished fourth in fast-paced Heat 2 and advances to the semifinals as one of the next fastest six across the six heats. Nakaayi’s 2:00.92 puts her second on the list of the six fastest out of the field qualification places.

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The semifinals are scheduled for Saturday, July 31 starting at 2:50pm (EAT).

Athletics – Women’s 800m Round 1 SummaryQualification Rules: First 3 In Each Heat (Q) & The Next 6 Fastest (q) Advance To The Semifinals

112484JAMGOULE Natoya211:59.83Q
242024GBRREEKIE Jemma611:59.97Q
313898USAWILSON Ajee622:00.02Q
471485CHNWANG Chunyu632:00.05Q
531214BENYARIGO Noelie222:00.11SBQ
661894FINKUIVISTO Sara642:00.15NRq
781580CUBALMANZA Rose Mary512:00.71Q
823074NORHYNNE Hedda232:00.76Q
933812URURODRIGUEZ Deborah522:00.90Q
1043705UGANAKAAYI Halimah242:00.92q
1112880MARARAFI Rababe532:00.96(.957)Q
1241997GBRBELL Alexandra542:00.96(.960)q
1362142GERTROST Katharina252:00.99q
1482381ITABELLO Elena652:01.07q
1523875USAMU Athing312:01.10Q
1621778ESPROMERO Natalia662:01.16PBq
1751838ETHALEMU Habitam322:01.20Q
1853536SVKGAJANOVA Gabriela672:01.41SB
1953887USAROGERS Raevyn412:01.42Q
2072005GBRHODGKINSON Keely422:01.59Q
2161044AUSBISSET Catriona552:01.65
2212762KENMORAA Mary432:01.66Q
2373163POLJOZWIK Joanna332:01.87Q
2431928FRALAMOTE Renelle112:01.92Q
2561840ETHDESTA Netsanet442:01.98
2653706UGANANYONDO Winnie122:02.02Q
2723504SUIHOFFMANN Lore132:02.05Q
2861384CANBISHOP-NRIAGU Melissa342:02.11
2943178POLSARNA Angelika142:02.18
3032107GERHERING Christina352:02.23
3181397CANKELLY Madeleine152:02.39
3241387CANBUTTERWORTH Lindsey452:02.45
3342263HUNBARTHA-KERI Bianka362:02.82
3482765KENSUM Eunice Jepkoech262:03.00
3553515SUISCLABAS Delia562:03.03
3633184POLWIELGOSZ Anna462:03.20
3782340IRLSHANAHAN Louise372:03.57
3852339IRLPOWER Nadia272:03.74
3982329IRLCLEIRIGH BUTTNER Siofra472:04.62
4061065AUSMITCHELL Morgan162:05.44
4174016VINMALONEY Shafiqua572:07.89
4232767KENTUEI Emily Cherotich682:08.08
4323492SRIWALIWARSHA Nimali482:10.23
4471728EORNATHIKE Lokonyen Rose282:11.87
4523496STPTAVARES D’Jamila582:16.72PB
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