• October 21, 2020
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‘Ugandans Are Either Forgetful And Naive Or Simply Absent Minded’- Frank Gashumba Blasts Jobless Lawyers


By Frank M.Gashumba


Three weeks ago, Ugandans on social media, TVs and Radios attacked the CDF Gen. David Muhoozi. What was his crime, you ask? He had a meeting with Mr. Kibalama of NUP! The debate revolved around the fact that a whole Chief of Defense forces would go as far as poking his nose in Partisan politics. Ugandans are indeed naive.

What you need to know, however, is that there is a 90.9% chance that the CDF met Mr. Kibalama on orders of the Commander in Chief, Gen of the National Resistant Army (NRA) and our current president, Yoweri Kaguta Tibahaburwa Museveni Ssabalwanyi!.

'Ugandans Are Either Forgetful And Naive Or Simply Absent Minded'- Frank Gashumba Blasts Jobless Lawyers

It’s on record that Gen Museveni praised the then IGP Gen Kale Kayihura as the best cadre NRM has ever produced simply implying that he was implementing the NRM work plan.

Everything that Kayihura did as the IGP was simply to protect his master – Gen Tibahaburwa Museveni Ssabalwanyi; the torture Chambers like Nalufenya where the “wanainchi” were tortured from was done under Kayihura’s watch and supervision! Ever since he was sacked as the IGP, have the police atrocities against the opposition and the wanainchi reduced significantly or they’re just on the rise?

Fast forward, I see these wannabe lawyers in the city claiming that Colonel Kaka Bagyenda is personally liable for the alleged torture of Ugandans in various safe houses in the country!

To you jobless lawyers, safe houses have existed in Uganda since 1986 and even after Kaka’s exit, they will continue to exist until we solve the problem of the appointing authority (the President). Safe houses cannot exist in a country without the prior knowledge of the President!

Do you remember the statement made by Gen David Tinyefunza (the then Coordinator for intelligence services) when the black mamba attacked the High Court in 2005?

He said, and I quote, “Invansion of the high court couldn’t have occurred without the express authority and instruction of the highest office of the country”.

By the way, does anyone remember the atrocities committed by the Kalangala action plan in the early 2000s? Who was behind these atrocities? And on whose authorization were those atrocities committed? Do you remember when Gen Museveni reprimanded his VP Gilbert Bukenya? His crime was meeting with the Buganda Generals!

For a specific mission and for a certain period of time only known to him/her, Gen Museveni deploys someone who will execute his mission and later dumps them by having them sacked! And when he appoints these people in various positions, he provides them with all the money and power and the pomp to match!
Surprisingly, naive Ugandans cannot spot out Yoweri Museveni!

What you need to understand is that the people committing these crimes are not the problem but rather the appointing authority under whom they operate. Instead of focusing on the instigators of these atrocities, we need to recognize the elephant in the room and know that for as long as it’s still seated in our midst, not much is going to change.
So even with all the sacking going on, the shift in command doesn’t guarantee that the situation will improve. For as long as the top man is still in charge, we shall always be dealt the bitter hand!

Kayihura was a messenger!
Kaka was a messenger!
Tinyefunza was a messenger!
Kakooza Mutale (Kalangala Action Plan) was a messenger!
CDF is a messenger!
Is there any messenger you know?

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