• August 20, 2021
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UNEB withholds UACE results over malpractice

UNEB withholds UACE results over malpractice

The Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB) has withheld UACE results of candidates for malpractice.

UNEB executive director Dan Odongo, however, said cases of malpractice at this level have remained low.

According to Odongo, the reported cases have been mainly external assistance in Mathematics, Biology and Computer studies, though the actual number of withheld results was not revealed.

“In accordance with Section 4 (3) of the UNEB Act, 2021, the Board, has withheld those results and will accord the affected candidates a fair hearing before passing a final verdict,” Odongo said.


The Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) examination builds on the UCE, and is designed to test candidates’ ability to comprehend and apply knowledge in novel situations; demonstrate logical reasoning skills, ability to perform scientific experiments, interpret results and draw conclusions arising therefrom.

The questions set to test the candidates’ ability to handle higher-order tasks such as descriptions, explanations, analysis, and evaluation.

Candidates who scored grades A and B demonstrated high levels of knowledge of the subject matter and were able to handle tasks that required high order skills. 

Their work in the practical examination papers also showed the ability to manipulate apparatus, the ability to record observations correctly reflecting the accuracy level of the instruments used, and the ability to manipulate the data generated correctly.

Candidates at lower levels demonstrated adequate to basic mastery of the subject matter.

Their performance was undermined by misunderstanding of questions, inability to explain, interpret, offer logical arguments or illustrations and specific examples to qualify their answers. Better answers were seen in parts of questions that are more direct. Some zero scores were recorded in many papers.

In Economics and Entrepreneurship Education, candidates showed lack of knowledge in the vital concepts of Taxation and the Stock market. There is evidence that many teachers are either also deficient in these areas, or do not teach the topics due to inadequate syllabus coverage. 

In sciences, at this level also, there is evidence of teaching theoretically with very little practical experience given to the candidates. 

As a result, candidates who performed poorly showed inability to follow instructions and procedures during the practical examinations, failure to accurately record data or even make meaning of any of the data recorded. They had difficulty in writing correct chemical symbols and balanced equations in Chemistry.

Whereas the skill of dissection is essential in Biology, many candidates did not carry out this task on the specimens provided as required by the questions but proceeded to make drawings crammed from textbooks.  This is evidence that teachers in the schools where this happened did not expose the candidates to this very essential skill that will be required in future biological science-based courses.

A detailed analysis indicating the salient areas of improvement as well as areas of weakness will be sent to centres in the Report on the Work of Candidates. Advice to teachers on how to address areas of difficulty will be given.

Electronic versions of these reports will be sent through the school portals. Schools will be able to obtain hard copies of these reports from UNEB Publications sales point at Communications House in Kampala.  


UACE results have been uploaded on each centre portal and heads of centre can download the results.  Hard copies of the results will be available from UNEB Ntinda offices when the situation becomes more favourable. All centres will be informed accordingly. 

“We advise them to do so and personally submit their queries/amendments to the Board electronically through their portals not later than fifteen working days after the release of the results,” said Odongo.

Interested persons may access the results of individual candidates through SMS. 

Please go to the Message menu, then type UACE, leave a space then type the correct index number of the candidate, e.g. U0000/501 and send to 6600.  The service is available on MTN and AIRTEL networks.

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