• October 29, 2021
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Victoria University offers over 5,290 bursaries to all MPs to give out to students in their constituencies

Victoria University offers over 5,290 bursaries to all MPs to give out to students in their constituencies
In a bid to foster Uganda’s education sector without leaving anyone behind, Victoria University has extended at least Ten (10) COVID-19 tuition-relief bursaries to each of the 529 Members of Parliament to be given out to the best-performing students in all constituencies across the country.

According to the vice-chancellor, Dr, Lawrence Muganga, the university will waive the functional fees paid once every year ranging from UGX 350,000 to UGX 650,000 depending on whether the student is offering a master, bachelor, diploma, or Higher Education Certificate (HEC).

The university further noted that the sponsored students will only be expected to pay tuition fees which range from UGX 400,000 to UGX 9300,000 depending on any given academic program of their choice.

”We are privileged to be the only university in the country that has implemented a learning approach where students study while working to gain experience. Cur work-integrated- learning program is enabling students to complete a program of three years with two to three years’ work experience,”

”For effective communication with the university, kindly coordinate with the Head of Marketing on 0701702443/07703990 68 or email us at [email protected] We look forward to partnering with you to educate and facilitate the dreams of young,” Muganga added.

With over 5290 bursaries up for grabs, students are further advised to get in touch with their members of parliament and get the chance to join the only university that has guaranteed continuous education throughout the covid-19 pandemic.

It’s worth noting that victoria university is endorsed by the national council for higher education (NCHE) to continue conducting online lessons as well as physical learning.

Victoria University offers a variety of hands-on skills courses that will give you the experience you need in the labor market icluding postgraduate, undergraduate, diploma, foundation certificates, and professional development courses.

 Victoria University has further devised several means of ensuring continuity in learning despite the lockdown and other several challenges that came along with the pandemic.

Victoria University has got the V-Class, a state-of-the-art learning management system to cater for students not only in Uganda but across Africa to ensure continuity of learning with digital online solutions which include the following;

1.Online classes

2.Online examinations

3.Online payments

Victoria University does not only provide these online solutions but also provide educational data for their students but this is not all, the university also offers scholarships and bursaries for financially constrained students to enable them to achieve their dreams especially during this pandemic.

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