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September 21, 2021

We Can’t Wait For 42 Days: Ministry Of Health Cries Out For Total Lock Down As Covid-19 Cases Escalate Country Wide

We Will Not Wait For 42 Days: Ministry Of Health Cries Out For Total Lock Down As Covid-19 Cases Escalate Country Wide

Health minister. Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng

By Echonews Admin

Kampala:  The Director-General Health Services at the Ministry of Health, Dr Henry Mwebesa has revealed that President Yoweri Museveni may impose a total lockdown on Uganda before the end of 42 days due to the surging number of Covid-19 Cases.

According to the Ministry of health records, results from the tests done on 5 June confirmed 1,026 new covid-19 cases and 700 out of these are from Kampala.

Now with the latest measures put in place, several city dwellers are running to their villages which has created fear that this may escalate the spread of the disease across the country especially in the villages which have not been badly affected compared to the urban centers especially Kampala.

Appearing on NBS TV’s Morning Breeze show on Tuesday, Dr Mwebesa said despite the President imposing a partial lockdown on sectors for 42 days, some Ugandans seem not bothered by the severity of the second wave of Covid-19 adding that this may force him to totally lockdown the country.

“If the situation doesn’t improve, the President may lockdown the country before the 42 days, this lockdown is partial and the government has been telling Ugandans to adhere to the SOPs but people have relaxed. We became a victim of our own success. All the variants are now here, there is a rise in the number of cases, this is overwhelming our bed capacity but we are not yet in a crisis.” Dr. Mwebesa Said.

Mwebesa further expressed concern about the way people are running back to villages days after the President’s state of the nation address on the situation of Covid-19. He says they may shift the epicenter from Kampala to rural areas.

“It would be good if the people in the villages shun these people coming from the city. Let them keep in Kampala and we control the disease from here, i don’t know why people are running to the villages. There is no lockdown. The adherence to the SOPs in the bus park is very low.I think people didn’t get the message well. They are now taking COVID-19 to the villages. Kampala is certainly the epicenter for Covid-19. We expect the Covid-19 situation to get worse before it gets better.” he added

During his national address over the weekend, Museveni ordered for immediate closure of all schools and institutions of higher Education for 42 days as one of the ways of containing the surging cases of the second wave of Covid-19 and Public or cultural gatherings except for the sitting of the cabinet, the legislature is suspended for 42 days.

Museveni also noted that non-agricultural activities like factory, construction, shopping malls, supermarkets, taxi parks are to continue operating with Standard Operating Procedures (SoPs) observation and failure to comply within a week they will be suspended.

Museveni further added that Public transport from district to district suspended for 42 days from June 10, 2021, and Interdistrict travel banned for 42 days however since the announcement, many people have made a huge lineup in the various taxi parks and bus parks to exit the city center in fear of a total lockdown.

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