We Want A Rematch: Over 24,000 Sign Bizarre Petition Demanding England vs Denmark Game To Be Replayed

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We Want A Rematch: Over 24,000 Sign Bizarre Petition Demanding England vs Denmark Game To Be Replayed
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A Bizarre online petition demanding the Euro 2020 semi final between England and Denmark be replayed has been signed by tens of thousands of people.

During a pulsating Euro 2020 match in front of 60,000 fans at Wembley Stadium on Wednesday night, England beat Denmark 2-1 after extra time to give the team a huge chance of creating history by winning their first major trophy since the 1966 World Cup. But the Three Lions’ glorious victory did not come without furious criticism, largely thanks to a penalty awarded to Gareth Southgate’s team deep late in the game. England’s winning goal came in the 104th minute after Harry Kane fired in the rebound when his penalty was saved by Denmark goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel.

However, the penalty decision has sparked a furious reaction after England forward Raheem Sterling was accused of going down too easily under the challenge from the Danish defence to win the spot kick.

In the lead-up to the penalty incident, a second football could be seen rolling towards the corner flag, leading many to question why the referee or his match officials didn’t stop the match.

As Kane was preparing to take the penalty, a green laser pen was also shone on the face of Denmark goalkeeper Schmeichel as he stood focused on his goal line.

Now an online petition entitled ‘Rematch England vs Denmark’ on Change.org, which had gained close to 24,000 signatures at the time of writing, has been set up to demand the game is replayed.

england euro 2020 sterling penalty

England Euro 2020: A penalty was awarded after a foul on Raheem Sterling 

The author, named Cris Pinto, wrote on Change.org: “We wish to overrule the penalty decision against Denmark.

“It was a wrong call, there needs to be contacted for a penalty and there was absolutely no contact.

“There was also two balls on the pitch, just before the penalty and a laser pen being pointed at Schmeichel, during the penalty.

“If this is not overruled, it would show a failure by UEFA and the beautiful game of football.”

In an update posted 20 hours ago on the website, Cris Pinto wrote: “Hi all, I just wanted to reach out to let you know we’ve just passed 1,184 signatures on our petition!

“Thank you so much for your support!

“Will you help get more support by sharing this petition with ten other people? If enough of us sign we can’t be ignored!”

But the online petition received a backlash from England fans, who demanded people “get over it” and accept the result in the game against Denmark.

england euro 2020 players

England Euro 2020: The players celebrate after the game 

One person wrote: “I had total respect for the way Denmark played and carried themselves.

“Don’t spoil it all by signing this petition.

“We won, you lost. Get over it.”

A second fan said: “I want to have my say. Absolute sore losers what about the foul on Kane that wasn’t given.


england euro 2020 penalties

England Euro 2020: England squad penalty record before the tournament 

A third person defiantly hit back: “Stop being sore losers. We’d still beat you. Stop crying!

“That was the end result leading us into the FINAL #ITSCOMINGHOME.”

Other people were less enthusiastic, backing the petition and demanding the England vs Denmark match is replayed.

One said: “Sterling dived, and there was absolutely no contact, from whatever angle you decide to look at.

“The English fans were so rude and immature, pointing lasers at Denmark players, and I even heard stories of fireworks and pyrotechnic being there. Even booing at our national anthem.

“I’m thinking of a penalty kick competition without fans from any of the two countries, and a different referee just to make sure it does not happen again.”

Another wrote: “Clearly its not a penalty.

“Sterling completed dived to get ref’s decision. A rematch would bring justice to the Denmark team.”

A third person added: I’m signing because it wasn’t penal and because it was totally unfair game.

“Game should have been stopped at least two times, when two balls were in the field and when laser was pointed at Schmeichel’s face.

“I want a rematch.”

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