• September 28, 2020
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You Should Stop Silly Social Media Politics: Controversial Kibalama Blasts Bobi Wine

You Should Stop Silly Social Media Politics: Controversial Kibalama Blasts Bobi Wine

Former National Unity Platform president Moses Nkonge Kibalama has said the political games by his successor Robert Kuyagulanyi Ssentmau alias Bobi Wine are not only shocking but silly and should be neglected.

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Kibalama who handed over the party to Bobi Wine in a contentious process says that the latter shocked him by writing lies to the world, claiming they had held a discussion regarding his physical health in the face of alleged torture.

Kibalama made the statements in a Facebook video at his home in Buwambo.


“The issues of misleading the country through politicking is wrong. I am actually shocked,” Kibalama said.

“While I was still in court giving evidence of matters that I know of, one of the leaders went and posted a clip that security tortured me, they removed my nails, etc. I was actually forced to remove my socks to show that my nails are still there. I showed everybody that my body is still intact,” he said.

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Kibalama asserted that the politics being played by his successor on social media should  be treated with the contempt it deserves.

“The politics of that nature on social media needs to be neglected and left out completely,” he said.

During a break off session of court, Kyagulanyi used his social media platforms to claim the Kibalama had confided in him about being tortured.

“He told me that they tortured him and removed his nails. Continue praying for Kibalama and this country,” Bobi claimed.

Read Also:  “I had earlier gotten an opportunity to speak to him before the judge came in, and he told of how much he has been under terrible torture and how he was in military hands even at that moment in court and indeed just after a few minutes’ conversations, some two mean-looking operatives in plainclothes came and ordered him away from me. I felt like he was in a similar situation I was when I was presented in a military court in Gulu after the #Arua incident,” Bobi added.

Kibalama also dismissed discussing with Bobi over security presence in the courtroom.

“How would I know that they are several operatives? I did not see any kind and I deny that we held such a discussion. It is not true that the court had operatives, how could I identify them? I deny any kind of misinformation that appears in that Facebook recording by Hon Kyangulanyi,” Kibalama said.

Following the court session, Bobi claimed Kibalama had told him about his situation.

“Our former Party President, Mr. Moses Nkonge Kibalama just confirmed to the court that he has been under detention for two weeks in Mbale, under military protection. He has asked the court to help him regain his freedom. He says he was summoned by Gen. David Muhoozi, the Chief of Defense Forces who quizzed him about changes in party leadership!

He has disowned the video in which he appeared claiming that he was promised 5 million dollars to change party leadership. He appeared timid and even confirmed that even in the courtroom, are security operatives. He cried several times during cross-examination. What a country!” Bobi  Wine posted on his facebook.

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