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“You Will Never Become President” Basajja Mivule Tells Off Bobi wine

“You Will Never Become President” Basajja Mivule Tells Off Bobi wine

NUP’s Basajja Mivule starts speaking in tongues, now claims Bobi Wine will never be President of Uganda

National Unity Platform (NUP) member and Baba FM political show host Basajja Mivule Bwadene has claimed that President Museveni will not leave State House for a president whose supporters are the benchmark of immorality and abuse.

Mivule, a recent critic of the sitting government and President Museveni who picked his NUP membership card last month now claims that supports of the NUP are abusive and hooligans.

“God can not allow drug addicts, hooligans, slanderers, abusive people, and homosexuals to get hold of Uganda’s State House. They can abuse all they want, but such people will not rule this country,” Mivule claimed.

Bobi Wine’s NUP scoops up oppressed creatives as musicians declare allegiance
Bobi Wine welcomes Basajja Mivule to NUP.

Mivule was again on the repentant following his earlier comments where he seemed to attack westerners as land grabbers.

“We sat in the meeting and I was told what I did was wrong. I was told the land grabbers are particular and not a tribe, I was asked to apologize to all westerners who are over 3 million people,” he said.

“Whoever wants to promote peace and harmony should apologize and that is what I did. But people started abusing me, throwing around vulgar words. Whoever is abusing is hidden in People Power, why don’t the People Power leaders come up to guide their people against such bad behavior?” Mivule

He said that whoever leads such people will not become president of Uganda.

He said that people should not waste tike abusing people but rather use their time to preach the good message of NUP.

“Why don’t we use the time to preach people power and NUP, why don’t you use the platforms to convince people, give them your manifesto. Abusing people will not make them join you,” Mivule said.

Mivule taunted NUP chairman Bobi Wine for losing an election to an NRM candidate in Kamwokya, where he grew up from.

“At a polling station in Kamwokya where Bobi grew up from, a NUP candidate lost to an NRM candidate, what does that indicate? Continue abusing people on social media,” he opined.

“No one can say Museveni has no support in the country. If he is rigging votes, then he starts somewhere because NRM swept the elections of youth in the entire country,” he said.

Mivule vowed that Bobi Wine will never be president of this country.

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